1. wadesworld

    Another excellent YouTube instructor

    As most people on the forum know, I'm a HUGE Shawn Clement fan. I personally believe he's the best golf instructor on the planet (or the best I've encountered anyhow). However, in my YouTube adventures, I've come across another instructor whom I think is excellent. The instructor is Adam...
  2. wadesworld

    Happy Birthday DucatiGirl!

    I heard it was your birthday, Lucy. Hope it was a great one! (And since you went golfing, it must have been)
  3. wadesworld

    How a pro would do on your local course

    Every once in a while, someone posts something to the effect of "I'll bet the pros wouldn't be so good without the perfectly manicured fairways, perfect greens, etc. If they had to play my course, they'd likely be 5 shots worse." While this looks like a nice course and isn't a goat track, it...
  4. wadesworld

    Your match play momentum story

    We all know how crazy match play can be. What's your story about how you either flipped the momentum or had it flipped on you?
  5. wadesworld

    New grips, slick?

    My GolfPride MCC grips has been on a few years, so I decided to get some fresh ones. I took the clubs to Golf Galaxy to have them installed. They’re the exact same model. I went to the range yesterday. It was extremely humid and I swear the new grips feel much more slick than the old ones...
  6. wadesworld

    French Lick advice

    I'm looking to book a buddies golf trip to French Lick, Indiana in early October. We're thinking of playing golf 4 days. Looking for advice from those who have been there before. It looks like the Fence Lick Springs hotel may be able to be booked for a not ridiculous rate, but if prices were...
  7. wadesworld

    My trip to Bandon Dunes

    I played Bandon Dunes a few days ago and wanted to share my experience. First, logistics. We were not staying on property. I brought my clubs with me on the plane, but as we're staying in Oregon for another week or more without the opportunity for more golf, I decided to ship my clubs home...
  8. wadesworld

    Should par be achievable?

    With the recent controversies around the US Open, it got me pondering on whether or not a tournament committee has a responsibility to ensure par is achievable. I'm quite certain over the years, there have been time when the weather conditions at the British Open, as an example, have been so...
  9. wadesworld

    Gaming PC recommendations

    My son is looking to buy a desktop PC, for what else? Gaming. He's 17. He's looking at this one...
  10. wadesworld

    Bandon Dunes advice

    It looks like I may have the opportunity to play Bandon Dunes on July 5th. I'm likely only going to be able to play one course. I'm currently booked on Bandon Dunes, but still have the opportunity to change it. For the locals, if you could only play one, which one would you play? Thanks!
  11. wadesworld

    Dangerous jobs

    Just came across this on YouTube. These guys have freaking balls of steel.
  12. wadesworld

    Louisville - September 1st

    I'm attending Shawn Clement's clinic in Louisville on September 1st. Anyone in the Louisville area up for some golf in the afternoon? Say like a 1:30 pm tee time? The clinic is at South Park Country Club so playing somewhere south of town would be awesome, but I'm happy to go anywhere.
  13. wadesworld

    The club you would join

    You just won the lottery, a record 2 billion dollars. Money is not a problem. You'll never have to work again. It doesn't have to be where your family is, since you can afford to move them all anywhere. What club would you move close to so you can join? However, both Augusta National and The...
  14. wadesworld

    What's your ultimate golf goal?

    We all have the golf fantasy of making the PGA Tour. However, let's put that aside and discuss what our potentially realistic golf goals are. For myself, I would like to be a golfer that shoots in the 70's frequently. I'd like to have some rounds around even par once or twice. I'd like to play...
  15. wadesworld

    USGA/R&A on green reading

    Here's one that will likely cause quite a thread. http://www.golfchannel.com/news/golf-central-blog/ra-usga-review-use-green-reading-materials/ It appears they're talking about looking at whether they need to outlaw yardage books. On the one hand, we have posters who are all for anything that...
  16. wadesworld

    New decision on video evidence, effective immediately

    Surprised this hasn't been posted yet. From: https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/articles/2017/04/new-rules-of-golf-decision-limits-use-of-video-review.html [/FONT][/COLOR]
  17. wadesworld

    United Airlines Incident

    Regarding: http://www.cnn.com/2017/04/10/travel/passenger-removed-united-flight-trnd/index.html Am I the only one who has absolutely no problem with this? It's not your #$@# plane. It's their plane. You don't get to say who flies on the plane, they do. Yeah, you're a doctor, I get it. If you...
  18. wadesworld

    World Handicap System

    Something that apparently many people have missed. In the 2017 USGA Symposium, it was announced the USGA, R&A and all the handicap agencies are very close to announcing a world handicap system. No real details were given. It was mentioned it would based on the US system of all eligible rounds...
  19. wadesworld

    Matched set? Do you trust the launch monitor?

    When you're buying new clubs, do you like to buy the matched set? Or are you willing to sub in any woods that perform better? What's better? 5 yards? 10 yards? Additionally, how much confidence do you have leaving the store? Yeah, the TM driver you hit for 10 swings showed the best numbers...
  20. wadesworld

    A humbling tournament experience

    Are you the golfer you think you are? I am not. As many know, I'm a pretty big stickler about playing my own game by the rules. Sure, every once in a while I'll drop one if the course is busy, or I'll say, "ah, just put down my triple (ESC)". I don't do it a lot, but this weekend opened my...

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