1. lmh3

    Trying Something New in the Irons

    Installed Oban CT 125 in my irons, was really close to going with the 115's but have always preferred a heavier weight. Also put Shimada Tour Wedge Black in my wedges. So far, Trackman numbers and feel have been great, right dispersion with a very smooth feel.
  2. lmh3

    lmh3 WITB

    I've had the same setup for almost two years now. It is the longest I have stayed with the same bag in a long time. I tried out some other wedges and rotated another putter in every now and then, but I have gone back to this each time. I tested the Alpha 816 DBD, but it didn't outperform the...
  3. lmh3

    FS: X2 Hot 3 & 5 Deep

    Looking to sell an X2 Hot 3 & 5 Deep both with Oban Devotion 8 stiff flex. They both show normal wear from a season of use, with silver on the sole and face starting to show from ground contact. The 3 Deep has some chips in the paint along the back of the head from a drop in the path, none are...
  4. lmh3

    Free Trion Z, Just Pay Shipping

    http://trion-z.myshopify.com/products/trytrion-z-active-wristband Shipping is $6.00 per item.
  5. lmh3

    New Callaway Releases

    I got a chance to hit a few shots with the Bertha V Series driver, Apex Utility, and Apex MB irons today. Good looking stuff, the blade seems even smaller than the Razor X MB, I could see putting an 8-PW in, but probably nothing longer. I was really liking the look of the Utility, much more...
  6. lmh3

    FS: SLDR 3 Wood Oban Revenge and X2 Hot Pro Irons

    SLDR 3 Wood with Oban Revenge Stiff flex, standard length. Was hit a few times during our demo day, minor wear on the sole. Head cover and wrench included. $175 shipped.
  7. lmh3

    FS: Bertha, X2 Hot Pro Drivers

    Clearing the extras and committing to a single set up. Big Bertha 9.0* with Kiyoshi Purple 65 gram, stiff flex. 45" length, like new Lamkin I-Line grip. Only used for one round and a range session. Head is sold, shaft is still available at $175 X2 Hot Pro 8.5* with Kiyoshi White 65 gram...
  8. lmh3

    FS: X2 Hot Pro 18* Hybrid

    Barely used, hm3 Black Tie 105 gram shaft ($190 retail shaft), Lamkin iline orange grip. Standard length with head cover. $175 shipped.
  9. lmh3

    Black Covert 2.0 Coming?

    Saw an option for a Matte Black Covert 2.0 on our special order screen at work today with a 5/2 ship date. Not sure if it is real, since stuff comes up and falls off of it many times through the course of the year. Could be interesting to see how a black version would do.
  10. lmh3

    FS: Matrix Red Tie & Black Tie

    Have three shafts for sale: 7m3, played 45" in a Razr Fit Xtreme, stiff flex, no tip trim. New Lamkin I-Line orange. SOLD 6q3, with Big Bertha/X2 Hot adapter, stiff flex plays at 45" in Alpha with black Lamkin I-Line, used two rounds. SOLD 7q3, played 43" in X2 Hot 3 Deep, tip trimmed .5" for...
  11. lmh3

    FS: Matrix 7M3 S Flex w/ Callaway Tour Adapter

    Matrix Black Tie 7M3 S Flex with Dual Cog Adapter, Stiff flex. Played 45" in Razr Fit Xtreme, new Lamkin Crossline Ace standard grip, logo down. $100 shipped.
  12. lmh3

    Adidas Trip to Farmers Insurance Open

    https://www.facebook.com/adidasGolf?v=app_696983966999749&app_data=gaReferrerOverride%3D Cool contest with a shot at $96,000 as well as a trip to Torrey Pines. Sent from my Windows Phone using Tapatalk
  13. lmh3

    Hello From NJ

    I've been reading posts on the site for along time and finally decided to join. I have been playing golf for almost 20 years and have worked in golf retail for the last 10. Looking forward to hopefully taking part in one of the outings that I read about, it seems like a great group of people on...

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