1. jlaakso

    Breathable shoes for hot summer rounds

    Feeling lazy, quick search did not return any current threads. Anyhow, I'm using Footjoy Contour Fits wide. They are perfect fit for me, but weather is getting hotter. I fear my feet will be boiling in them. They are perfect for colder and wet weather. I've been eyeing on True Linkswear...
  2. jlaakso

    jlaakso - WITB

    This is my beginner set. Well after Wilson beginner set, hand-me-down. Only thing to ponder is do I need gapping between 3w and 5h and if yes, then what. 5w or 3h or something else. Driver: Cobra King F8 Woods: Taylormade Burner '08 3W Hybrid: Cobra King F8 5H Putter: Huntington Beach #1...
  3. jlaakso

    Right (trail) hand activity in downswing

    Intro Yeah, I am beginner. Started late last summer. Swing is in progress, like a chunk of clay to be formed into a piece of art. I am fighting the same inconsistencies as all of us, fat shot, thin shots, chunks, skulls, you name it. M.O. I am doing research. A lot. Articles, blogs, youtube...
  4. jlaakso

    New irons, been offered TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB clubs

    As a newbie, I am of course target for friends donate, dump or sell their old equipment. I've been grinding the basics with Wilson 1200 CG beginner set for a short time, grinding and grinding with basics. I am not saying I've everything right or even basic consistency in place yet. Getting...
  5. jlaakso

    Greetings from Finland :)

    Hi, I am a 42yo newbie golfer from Finland. I have a wife and two daughters (5 and 8). Golf hasn't been part of my life ever, until this summer. Now the "Golfers Anonymous" announcement: "It all started innocently by joining a trip to golf course with my neighbour." :D We were on a vacation...

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