1. scottmti

    90days return policy Covid-19

    I couldn’t find detail on 90 days return policy in golf product. Wondering how it would effect if your 90 days runs out. Golf stores are closed until further notice. At least month or more here in LA. My 90 days return date probably run out. You think store will give extensions in return...
  2. scottmti

    Verdict in Cleveland/Srixon V-Sole

    Been reading and researching in sole design of Irons. It started with wedge sole design. My limited research shows that Vsole is for digger or soft fairways. I live in LA and I usually play local muni where fairway is usually hard/bare. I’m mostly a picker. I rarely take divots unless it’s a...
  3. scottmti

    What club (Yardage) that would get you over the “hump”

    I’ve been analyzing my game today and there is a certain club (me 5i) which is about 170 yds. There are times multiple times I encounter that distance and I have no confidence that I could hit that shot. I tried to use choke 4H to hit the shot but I rarely hit it correctly. 5H didn’t do any...
  4. scottmti

    Titleist T-MB 716 Iron thoughts?

    Ever since these came out few years ago I really wanted one. It’s not the best feeling irons but looks just perfect for my eyes. I have a excellent chance getting one used from a buddy of mine since he just got a new set of iron. He wants to sell it and he doesn’t know how much he wants. My...
  5. scottmti

    Acupuncture anyone?

    Visit my buddy who does acupuncture. I told him my right seems little swollen due to practicing golf and told him my knuckles hurts when I try to bend. He said I’m old and he stuck bunch of needle. After leaving there for 25min it kind a felt pretty good. I told him I’ll be back for more if...
  6. scottmti

    Club fitting or lesson? help!!

    This choice has been bugging me past months. I tried few other irons. Some GI irons, some higher loft traditional loft irons. I probably will get a lesson soon cause my mind is mess. I love Z765. Love the look and how it feels in my hand. It just comforting. My golf budget is not alot so I can...
  7. scottmti

    Soft stepping parallel irons

    I like to clarify soft stepping parallel irons. This question is for irons already been built and pulling the shaft out. For taper shaft pull 5i shaft and use it on 6i and it makes 1/3 softer. Simple enough. What about the parallel shaft? Since parallel shaft flex is adjusted by length of...
  8. scottmti

    Iron fitting from Roger Dunn or Club Champion?

    With many favoring club fitting. I’m thinking of getting iron fitting. Roger Dunn has iron fitting for $50 and Club Champion cost $125. RD is 1hr and CC is 1 1/2 time. Has anyone had their fitting from RD or place similar to compare CC? I’ve never had fitting before. RD pricing is pretty...
  9. scottmti

    What’s your preference thumb setting.

    Been experimenting with grips recently. I was monitoring multiple pga player on grip style. I notice some have their left thumb(right handed player) straight down the shaft. “Long thumb” they call it. I usually have my thumb short. I saw Jordan Speith has his thumb all the way down. I tried...
  10. scottmti

    What is pro and con having loft weaken

    I’m thinking getting my Z765 loft weaken 2* I’m trying to get little more height on my long irons. Hopefully easier to hit. I kind a understand that it will effect a bounce of the iron but I’m not sure what effect it will have in my game. Can someone explain in detail what exactly can happen...
  11. scottmti

    Golf lessons

    I’m thinking of getting golf lessons. I took a 5 lessons when I start my golf journey back in early 90s. I played well and score well. Recently I am having major issues hitting anything longer than 6i. Except the driver. I lost total confidence hitting anything above 6i off the turf. I’ve been...
  12. scottmti

    Distance ratio compare

    I know it varies per person but I just like to know. With age my iron distance has been decreasing. My driver distance decreased less than my irons. Just trying to compare what others ratios are. Some research, i should be hitting club longer on my irons but it’s not the case. Here is my...
  13. scottmti

    Ferrules from pulls

    Just purchased a shafts from eBay again to replace the wrong shaft. This one has ferrule intact and seller said it’s usable. Is it best to replace them or can it be use it again? Is the depth all same on most tapered iron? I’m just wondering if it’s not deep or shallow enough when I insert...
  14. scottmti

    WTB: Iron shafts pull outs .355 tip. Sub 100g

    Looking for iron shafts for Z765. Taper tips. Sub 100g shaft. I could use stiff or regular flex. 3-PW or 4-P would be fine. Would be great if grips are on. Let me know what you have. I’m all ears. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. scottmti

    What’s the club you want but you know you’ll regret getting it.

    This should be in pondering thread but I’m sure it I’m not the only one. 1. Apex Pro 16. Love the feel but I will regret it cause distance I will be getting. 2. Titleist 716CB. Alway love the way they look. For me they are perfect looking iron. Will regret cause I just do not get along with...
  16. scottmti

    Can soft shaft cause distance lost?

    This topic probably came out often but when I search most of them are too stiff shaft cause lost distance. I thought about this while I was at driving range and started thinking about how too much spin on driver cause lost of distance. I know we need some spin to help launch. But on irons. Is...
  17. scottmti

    Ping G400 order tag

    Received a G400 LST yesterday. Took it to range last night and it felt and play awesome. No complaints here. There is a tag came with the driver and want to know what all the number means. I know D4 part and length part. What’s 164 112 241 and 7.1? 241 might be the head weight? Anyone...
  18. scottmti

    How many drivers do you own?

    How many drivers do you own and how often do you alternate? I want to get me a new driver but what do you do with current driver if you can find anything wrong with it? I have $$ burning in my pocket and i need to spend it before my wife finds it. Lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. scottmti

    Difference vs Hybrid shaft and Iron shaft

    Yesterday I was at Golf Galaxy picking up grips. Notice they had Kuro Cage shaft. Pondering if I should replace shaft for my hybrid. I notice two exact shaft. One for iron and other hybrid. Looks exactly same and tip is .370. Hybrid is 80g and Iron is 70g. Iron shaft is $10 less than hybrid...
  20. scottmti

    Going lighter grip?

    I need to re-grip the iron set soon. Thinking about experimenting with lighter grip. I never really gave a serious thought about weight of the grip since I’ve always been using tour velvet. Figure why mess with things I know it works. Has anyone experiment with lighter grip like 25g or similar...

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