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    WTB WTB Scotty cameron blade cover

    I've been searching a lot for head covers over the past couple of days. I came across one that had slots for a cameron divot tool. It was like an orange or yellow color. Can't seem to find it again, but I was hoping maybe has one sitting around in a darker color. I have a fairly significant...
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    For Sale FS Bettinardi putter basically new.

    Bought(online) this for myself as a Christmas gift, always wanted to add a Bettinardi to my collection. When I unboxed it I didn't like the grip, no big deal figured I'd swap it out for a superstroke/flux/garson etc. It was new when I purchased it and I've hit maybe 10 putts with it indoors, it...
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    Sioux city iowa courses.

    I'll be in town this weekend and was curious on what courses I should check out. Thanks everyone.
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    Titleist tour practice

    Anyone have any idea which ball in the titleist lineup these are closest to? prov1, prov1x, avx, tour soft, nxt tour s(rip), velocity, dt trusoft. or are they something completely different? They started popping up in the "hunter" balls at walmart.
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    FS/FT Adila Rogue 95 msi 85h 2.8 stiff

    I’ll throw up photos later if there is interest. I bought a used club recently with this shaft. Didn’t like the feel of it, and replaced it with my usual Mitsubishi shaft. So I just have the extra shaft that I’m not going to use. Not sure on how to even price it. Open to listening to trades as...
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    WTB: Mizuno MP 67 iron set.

    The mizuno MP 67 set is probably my favorite looking set of irons ever made. I've always wanted a set but only recently have I decided that I was going to try and track one down. Obviously since its a much older set, tracking down a used set in decent condition has been a little harder. I...
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    Hey guys, need a Rec for a Vegas course.

    Going to be in Vegas the rest of this week. Gonna try and squeeze in 9 or 18 while I’m there. Couple stipulations - would like it to be closer to the strip. - am tee times a plus - need to be able to rent clubs, didn’t plan far enough ahead to bring my clubs and also think it would be fun to...
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    Which option should I choose?

    So I’m going to get myself one new option for the bag within the next week or so. But I can’t choose which would be the best. Should I get fitted for a new shaft for my Titleist 913d2. When I built it last year I just picked the cheapest prolaunch(red) shaft to see it I liked the driver head...
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    Reliable clubs that don't leave your bag?

    Do you have any clubs in your bag that you almost never hit a bad shot with, super consistent, but you just dont take it out of the bag very often? In my bag I have my trusty old R7 4 wood with a random steel shaft. I've had it for around 10 years, it's always a reliable 240ish off the tee or...
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    WTB - putters and divot tools

    I know sounds weird. If your home course/club have a switchblade divot tool I'm in. As for putters I've decided I want to start collecting them. Honestly anything you might have that's gently used I might be interested in.
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    Driving distance question?

    Right now I'm playing a titleist 913d2 with a 11* head. I was at golf galaxy one day and they randomly had a couple open box driver heads for sale for $20 each. I used to have a pretty bad slice with my older taylor made burner, but with the titleist I'm incredibly straight off the tee. Because...
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    Incredibly rude/poor etiquette

    Has this ever happened to you guys? I was playing with a buddy from work. He'd been Golfing a few times before, so we weren't going to be very fast today. So we're stuck behind a fairly slow can't find their ball foursome but they were nice, offered to let us play through but we declined because...
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    Hello from Omaha.

    Hello everyone. Ive been golfing off and on in long stretches for most of my life. About five years ago before nursing school started is when I had last played golf. Never had time with school and the work. A little over two months ago i decided that I would work a little less and buy myself...

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