1. CanaryKid

    Is your course cancelling tournaments?

    Yes ... no golf during lockdown and no comps since socially distanced two ball golf started in England two weeks ago. No indication as yet as to when they will return.
  2. CanaryKid

    Push cart etiquette

    In England they are called trolleys too. I think most here would not expect you to put on the tee box ... I’ve never seen that happen in the UK. For speed of play, when you get to the green, park the trolley off the green on the side nearest to the route to the next tee. Enjoy the walk ... I...
  3. CanaryKid

    Cart path only days - impact your score or just an inconvenience?

    I‘m 69 ... and I always walk the course.
  4. CanaryKid

    Does your annual golf trip with your buddies have a trophy?

    This year should have been our third annual trip ... hopefully later in the year now. No trophy though. Don’t want it getting too serious!
  5. CanaryKid

    First time walking. Hurts so good.

    It’s interesting how countries differ. In the UK, virtually everyone walks 18 holes, albeit usually with a push or electric trolley. If you see a guy riding in a buggy, it is almost certainly because he has a medical issue that prevents him walking. When the seniors section at my club has a...
  6. CanaryKid

    Funny things on the course that make you laugh to yourself?

    I occasionally play with a guy who is in some respects the opposite. He gets his own scores correct but, when I putt out for a 6, he will say “is that a 5 for you?”. It is always a lower score. If it was our first round together, I might think he was testing my honesty, but we have played...
  7. CanaryKid

    What's your golf ability?

    Negligible! 😂😂. Seriously, I have no particularly good element to my game ... I’m probably average across all aspects.
  8. CanaryKid

    Spouses/partners and golf

    No she doesn’t ... and she has never played any ball games. I play with seven other guys on a regular basis and only one has a wife that plays. I envy him that.
  9. CanaryKid

    Callaway Irons

    I have only tried their game improvement irons and always found them too big and chunky. But I use their hybrids (Razr X HL) and my carry set has a Rogue Draw Driver.
  10. CanaryKid

    Do you ever buy a club sight unseen?

    Numerous times on eBay, but only if there are several photos and the seller has great feedback.
  11. CanaryKid

    Are you a member at your home course?

    There are several member courses near me. I’m not a member at my nearest course, about half a mile away, as it is phenomenally expensive, extremely pompous, has a long waiting list and has a committee interview process for applicants. It thinks it is Augusta! The next nearest is a bit bland...
  12. CanaryKid

    Forward/ladies tees are way too long

    The term “ladies tees” is a problem in that some senior men, who perhaps should be playing from the forward tees, will not use them.
  13. CanaryKid

    Range Vs. Course

    Echo everything said about mats. I once went to the range a few times during a prolonged winter spell and was hitting the ball off the deck really well ... or so I thought. When I finally got back on the course, I found I was hitting behind the ball and the club was digging in. On the range...
  14. CanaryKid

    Do You Ever AIM For the Bunker?

    Never. Although, like a previous poster, I will sometimes aim for the side of the green with a bunker if the other side has a worse hazard.
  15. CanaryKid

    How Often Do You Practice in Bunkers?

    My course doesn’t have a practice bunker or a chipping green. My experience is that such facilities are fairly rare in the UK.
  16. CanaryKid

    Bunkers with Horrible Sand

    I find that bunkers tend to be poor generally, unless it’s a top (= expensive) course. The guys on tour are lucky to always play out of fluffy sand.
  17. CanaryKid

    What time of day do you play?

    ^^ Same with me ... although it’s an earlier start from home if I’m travelling to a friend’s course.
  18. CanaryKid

    Have you ever felt like calling it quits?

    This ^. But I know I couldn’t ... I’m hooked. I’d miss it so much.
  19. CanaryKid

    No Hole(s) In One - Been Playing for X Years

    I’ve been playing regularly for about 12 years (took it up at 56) but no ace yet ... not even close. One of my regular playing partners makes me look good, but he’s had two in that time. Another PP got one last year, or rather he didn‘t, as it was a reload after his first shot went into dense...

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