1. krispyk

    Golf Course to Charge by the Hour

    I was listening to PGA Tour channel on Sirius radio today and they said there is a course (I think in Minneapolis or Minnesota) that is going to do a charge by the hour rate at $10 per hour. They said the thinking was that if people only have an hour or two to play then they could come play what...
  2. krispyk

    Shaft Testing. What all is Involved in the Process?

    I have never tried a different shaft in the driver I have. I bought it used (Cobra Bio Cell) and have always just used it with that shaft. I have only adjusted the loft of the head. I have never signed up to try to be a shaft tester because I don't know what is involved (if chosen) once a new...
  3. krispyk

    Thanks Choppstixxx!

    Bought a club from Joe (choppstixxx) this week and like his swing delivery was fast and product is great! Can't wait to get out and hit it. Wouldn't hesitate to do more business with him. Thanks again Joe!
  4. krispyk

    Great golf vid if you haven't seen it. Not long but funny.

  5. krispyk

    RV's, Travel Trailers, 5th Wheelers, etc...Camping. Who has what and what you enjoy.

    Depending on how this thread goes maybe we can try to plan a camping/golf event for 2016 season. We have a 2006 26' Coachman Captiva bunkhouse traveltrailer. Really enjoy hooking up and heading to a new campground whenever we decide that's what we want to do for either just a weekend or a week...
  6. krispyk

    How do you "Celebrate" your Personal Bests?

    Recently I have been having quite a few PB's but other than throwing the scorecard on my desk amongst all the rest of my cards and junk and writing it on THP, I haven't really "Celebrated" any of them with things like writing the score on the ball for a keepsake or anything like that. I guess...
  7. krispyk

    My day at the course started with a wreck! Literally.

    I had arrived early (7:40am) at the course but not quite in time to get ahead of a threesome. When they were on the first tee I hit the practice green to give them time to get out a ways. All of the sudden out at the road (about 1/4 mile away) I heard a short tire squeal followed by a very...
  8. krispyk

    A Man Hitting from the Red Tee. Post your thoughts.

    Since getting back into this sport up until very recently I have been a consistant short hitter off the tee. 170-200yds. I joined a league this year and see that everyone hits from the White's (6511yds) but we only have a few guys who can consistantly hit out to 250yds or better. Most...
  9. krispyk

    Seneca Hickory Stick Driving Range Pics (pics heavy)

    We had an awesome day at Seneca Hickory Stick in Niagara Falls, NY with the Western NY/Pa area THPers and guests. I took some pics on the range warming up but once I got out on the course I hardly picked the camera up. Some shots may seem repetative but I thought the ones in the pics would...
  10. krispyk

    Clicgear Accessories (Pic Heavy)

    As promised I said I would give an initial review of the Clicgear items when they arrived. So as to not clog up the 3.5 thread with pics I started this one. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will answer with what I know (which is not much, lol) I bought the Mitt, Rangefinder...
  11. krispyk

    Olde Stonewall (Pic Heavy)

    Figured I would put these in it's own thread so as to not make the main thread slow for anybody. Pics were mainly taken Friday with my group Angryyankee, Robozeo, Trey, and myself. Feel free to use any as you'd like (If you have trouble getting one let me know). The ones of the 13th Hole and...
  12. krispyk

    Why are PING hats so boring looking?

    I'm going to be gaming Ping Karsten irons (and maybe driver) so I have been trying to find a hat that I like but the only hat I have found that isn't boring is the G30 or i25 logo hats. All the rest have just PING on the front and nothing on the rest of the hat and looks boring. I want to look...
  13. krispyk

    Pittsburgh Golf Show?

    March 13-15th Anyone going? And how big is it? Is it worth a 3 hour drive? Any info would be appreciated.
  14. krispyk

    Anyone relatively near Haines City, FL?

    If all goes according to plans the wife and I are going to make a trip to Haines City, where we have relatives, and will be leaving here in Pa on Jan 23rd and be down there by Sunday the 25th and stay for a week. Wife has a Dr apptmt in the morning on the 23rd and if she is cleared to make the...
  15. krispyk

    Will there be a new 2015 Events Calender Thread

    Is there going to be a new 2015 events calender thread started and stickied? Would just make it a little easier to keep up with the ones that have been announced.
  16. krispyk

    What to expect at first time club fitting?

    Hi everyone, just wondering what to expect when I get fitted for clubs in March for a new set. I have never been fitted before and the clubs that I have always used were low end sets. Without turning this into a this club is better than that one I would be interested in any recommendations...
  17. krispyk

    Hello Everyone from North West Pennsylvania (Just South of Buffalo)

    Hi all! I'm about an hour and a half from Buffalo, NY just across the state line. Crappy cold here at about 18*F and a little snow on the ground so even the chipping in the back yard is over. Started searching for a golf forum to join and found you all and found some good remarks about the...

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