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    McLovin's Journey to Improve - 2020 Edition

    It just seems so contrary to common sense. I'm starting to see this a tiny bit in my own swing progression. What I really notice is my worst swings are done with what I perceive to be the "fastest swing speed" and the greatest effort - the results are not good. But those occasional times...
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    McLovin's Journey to Improve - 2020 Edition

    Love being able to listen in and glean some nuggets! Awesome share, Chris! And the swing looks good!
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    Trying To Break 90 Club

    My game is looking up! I shot my first 9-hole round under 50 this year. On Monday my league played in 39 degree weather (I had paid for the year up front, and lost out on 4-6 weeks already, so my take was - "I'm playing regardless"). I ended up shooting 43 with 17 putts and 3 pars. And that...
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    Trying to Break 100

    I swear with these Recoils I am also hitting the ball longer. Ask Snickerdog about them - they're his old clubs lol!
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    Really good to hear Icey! I love my NXT Ignites but it would be great to have that level of comfort in a spike shoe.
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    Malaska Golf - Swing Coach

    This makes a lot of sense to me. I haven't had a chance to practice much in the midst of the pandemic, but range should be opening up this week. I noticed Danny Maude saying pretty much the same thing; Watching both of these together was a "Eureka!" moment for me. And like Mike Malaska &...
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    Trying to Break 100

    Like Snickerdog, I was having lots of elbow pain, and once I switched to graphite shafts the pain went away. Switching to Recoil shafts has seen more of a performance improvement issue. Clubs are longer and with tighter dispersion. If you can get fit by someone who has lots of shaft options...
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    #PushCartMafia - Are you in?

    The lack of shoulder strain was the first thing I noticed when switching from a pull cart to a push cart. I also love having a place for scorecards, some extra room to carry jackets, drinks, etc. And it's a ton more convenient when playing cart path only (compared to riding)
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    Happy Birthday, Snickerdog

    Looks like everyone is milking a certain theme here.
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    Happy Birthday, Snickerdog

    Happy birthday! Hope you can enjoy it with friends & family soon!
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    2020 NFL Thread

    I know that isn't as exciting as how much Dak is going to get paid, but if you like offensive linemen, I thought this interview with Joe Thomas was fascinating (mostly the first 20 minutes): Best Quote (@ 10:40): "Swinging a golf club is a lot like being a left tackle" Thomas says he filled 5...
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    Ohio, Indiana & Surrounding Area chat thread

    Thanks for the article: I've played the Safari course - haven't heard of some of the others. Good info!
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    Carry bag or push cart?

    The clicgear is really nice for walking when it's super hot out. I can stick a big umbrella in mine & it's nice to be able to duck into the shade between shots. Pushcart for me 100% - I don't have a carry bag
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    Trying to Break 100

    I played 18 today and put up a sweet 115. Walked with my clicgear, but it was still tiring. I'm so out of shape right now. Swearing game was on point though.
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    Dhartmann34's Swing Battle and Journey....

    Thanks for posting. I need to do this drill!
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    Trying to Break 100

    I played for the first time in weeks Monday. Shot a 52, so not good. I think I was swinging too hard & opening up my shoulders & lots ob balls were hit way left. A couple of encouraging results, though. I hit a few really nice shots with my mid irons. One 7 iron in particular was super high...
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    Ohio, Indiana & Surrounding Area chat thread

    I played Fox Den Monday - it was in pretty good shape. Nice to be out swinging clubs again.
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    Must Read Golf Books

    Some good ones listed already. Some I've read that I highly recommend: Nonfiction (Tour players/events) A Good Walk Spoiled (Really anything by John Feinstein) Open: Inside the Ropes at Bethpage Black Greatest Game Ever Played, The: Harry Vardon, Francis Ouimet, and the Birth of Modern Golf...
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    Happy Birthday Doubleb21

    Happy birthday!:birthday:
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    Clickgear guys, what bags work well with them?

    It looks like those new straps would keep any bag from rotating! At first I didn't see why they would be an improvement over the old bungee style. I have a Ping Pioneer on my 3.5+ which looks very similar (except it doesn't have legs). The RTC looks like a perfect bag for a pushcart like...

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