1. USAF Ret in Wis

    Chicago area thread (Northern IL, Milwaukee, Northern Indiana too)

    Heading to Wisconsin Dells tomorrow with 7 other guys for our 27th annual golf trip. We play Trapper's Turn Friday, Wild Rock Saturday and Sunday. I love Wild Rock, one of my all time favorite courses!
  2. USAF Ret in Wis

    CONTEST New Bridgestone TOUR B Golf balls

    Was vfit for the TourB RX planning to get these when I run out of the Pro-V1s I currently play (y)
  3. USAF Ret in Wis

    Chicago area thread (Northern IL, Milwaukee, Northern Indiana too)

    Playing Geneva National Gary Player Course today with the Veterans Golf Association. Looks like a beautiful course!
  4. USAF Ret in Wis

    All Things Chicken Wings

    We like them off our smoker 60 minutes at 275° 30 minutes at 350°, flipped the last 5 minute Toss in 1/2 bbq sauce 1/2 Franks with a little butter heated up with Tito's and tonic
  5. USAF Ret in Wis

    What's Your Lie?

    Fit for my PXG irons and I'm 2° flat
  6. USAF Ret in Wis

    Past Parallel: Anyone else fight this?

    I've always been past parallel. When I try fix it, my timing is way off. I'm an 11 handicap at 54 years old, so I'll stick with what got me here (y)
  7. USAF Ret in Wis

    What golf stuff did you buy today?

    I've been wanting this Puma shirt since I saw Gary Woodland wearing it. Was delivered yesterday and I love it
  8. USAF Ret in Wis

    Your thoughts on the skins game today

    Watched it all as we got 4" of rain Sunday. Good to see some live golf. Would have liked the players to talk more. DJ isn't much of a talker and seemed out of it. Funny how fast they can hit and take drops when it's a casual round. Made me miss live golf more than I realized !!
  9. USAF Ret in Wis

    Greatest American Rock Band?

    My favorites are the Eagles and Van Halen. Prefer Sammy to David Lee Roth, but they had some great early songs. And the Cradle Will Rock is one of my favorite songs. Wish VH were adult enough to tour, but it never gets past being scheduled.
  10. USAF Ret in Wis

    Anyone think they could hit Rickie's new irons?

    Dear 8 pound baby Jesus.......send me these irons
  11. USAF Ret in Wis

    Will You be Flying Before the End of the Year?

    I'll be flying to San Antonio June 28th for a golf trip!!! My son and my buddy are flying to Wisconsin on May 28th for a golf weekend in the Dells (y)
  12. USAF Ret in Wis

    Who's golf swing do you want? You don't get the head.

    That's the one I'd like to have, also (y)
  13. USAF Ret in Wis

    Pancakes or waffles

    HO-made pancakes but I like waffles in a restaurant Gotta have my family's maple syrup on either!!!
  14. USAF Ret in Wis

    Chicago area thread (Northern IL, Milwaukee, Northern Indiana too)

    Played the Straits today. 37° I don't think many people can say they played this course by themselves. We were one of two foursomes that played all day never saw another person It was cold and windy but had fun with a great group of buddies! 2nd round of the year and happy with the 92 I shot
  15. USAF Ret in Wis

    Friendliness and Feeling "Welcome" At A Golf Course

    Agreed. Go somewhere else, as there's plenty of courses that make you feel welcome!
  16. USAF Ret in Wis

    How fast is your internet connection?

    I pay for 400 but never get close, it's all over the place We're moving in June and so happy to get away from Spectrum!!!
  17. USAF Ret in Wis

    The Rock hits a 490 yard drive?!

    I don't know, David Simms hit that 7 iron pretty far in Tin Cup :LOL:
  18. USAF Ret in Wis

    Carry bag or push cart?

    I always use my push cart when walking. At 54 years old, it helps my back (y)

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