1. USAF Ret in Wis

    Weird dog treats?

    Do your dogs like anything unusual for treats? My 100 pound golden retriever goes crazy for apples, bananas and the empty toilet paper cardboard rolls :LOL: He's fit at 100 pounds as we don't give regular dog treats/snacks or table scraps
  2. USAF Ret in Wis

    Women's Augusta Ticket question

    My wife and I want to go to the Women's tournament at Augusta Are all these tickets options the same?
  3. USAF Ret in Wis

    Augusta National Women's Amateur advice

    My wife and I are going to the Augusta National Women's Amateur. I've never been to Augusta. We have a hotel in Aiken. Otherwise, any suggestions for rookies to Augusta would be appreciated.
  4. USAF Ret in Wis

    Super stroke Air Force grips?

    Does anyone know if these are good grips? thank you!
  5. USAF Ret in Wis

    Club Champion putter fitting?

    Set up a putter fitting for January 6th in Chicago Any recommendations to do before or when I get there? thank you. Craig
  6. USAF Ret in Wis

    Happy Veteran's Day

    To all the veterans out there! This picture is from Air Force basic training, May 1984 ??
  7. USAF Ret in Wis

    Gary Woodland Freedom shirt?

    Anyone know where I could buy the shirt Gary Woodland is wearing in this picture? Thanks sorry for the sideways pic :confused:
  8. USAF Ret in Wis

    Shoulder surgery advice

    Just had shoulder surgery last Monday, Aug 26th. Luckily, no rotator cuff damage! Doc removed a bone spur. cleaned out scar tissue and arthritis. I'm right handed and this was on my right shoulder. Has anyone had this surgery? I'd appreciate any advice you have on getting back to playing...
  9. USAF Ret in Wis

    Hi from Wisconsin

    Hey all, I'm a retired Air Force enlisted guy, did 23 years and that's where I learned to golf. Retired in 2007. Play in a few Veteran's Golf Association tournaments, but prefer casual rounds for a beer and a couple bucks with my buddies. We live in Racine WI, 30 minutes south of Milwaukee...

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