1. InTheRough

    Space X Launch - Who’s Watching

    I tried but my cable box wasn't functioning properly.
  2. InTheRough

    Playing with an injury.

    I play with bad knees, bad feet, bad back, bad ankles and my shoulders aren't that great. My body says, take it easy. My mind says, "par 5... can we get there in 2?"
  3. InTheRough

    60 Degree Wedge Distance

    I don't use a full swing with my LW.
  4. InTheRough

    Worst shot of the round?

    I have to say it's kind of a tie.... 2nd hole: 3rd shot - flop shot over a bunker to a short sided pin - I hit the flop shot okay but I didn't get enough on it on my first attempt and it landed in the sand. GUR and NPR was back and try again. Up, over and on this time. 9th hole: 2nd shot...
  5. InTheRough


    I ... just ... want ... to hit ... bombs. My usual miss is to the right with the occasional big "Fore Left!" I'm probably one whom Ping: "The SFT driver is almost impossible to slice." Me: "Hold my beer." I was looking at the SZ Extreme 10.5 with either the Tensei AV Blue or the Helium Black...
  6. InTheRough

    Corona Virus/COVID19: Local Impact

    I call it CV because I'm too lazy to type it. Then irony of ironies.... I go to a store. I walk up to the door. I see a sign on the door. Big sign. The biggest sign. In yellow. It was a big sign in yellow. It said. "You must wear a mask to enter." They didn't require this the last time I was...
  7. InTheRough

    2020 Better You Fitness Thread

    Phoned in my May work out. Played two rounds of golf - walked.
  8. InTheRough

    Is Callaway in trouble

    I mean even with the crazy stuff about "Oh Callaway picked an odd color for the Mavrik line". Yeah, well they did. But if you're that picky about the color on the bottom of the club you can spend another $100 and custom order it in a color you like.
  9. InTheRough

    Swing finish - where do you stand?

    I don't twirl, but I have my little thing I do. The finish matters. A good finish allows for proper body English on shots like when you're talking to your ball.
  10. InTheRough

    Sweet Spot

    At the moment, anything that doesn't leave me between 90 and 110 yds. I'll take 60 - 80 and 120 - 132.
  11. InTheRough

    Trying to Break 100

    You figured out what you didn't do right the first time. My first error was too flat a club face and didn't get enough club on the ball. But in all fairness I did motion my playing partners to move out of the way in case I skulled it - because it would have been a rocket. :ROFLMAO:
  12. InTheRough

    What is the More Satisfactory Feeling?

    My first hole yesterday - 6i off the tee. Not a great shot but in the middle of the fairway. Second shot: 157 yd 7i hop stop on the green 8 feet from the hole. Ball mark 3' from the hole. I missed the putt and ended up with a boring par. I wish the rest of the round was that boring.
  13. InTheRough

    Trying to Break 100

    I hit a couple flops yesterday. The first one landed in the bunker I was trying to fly over. Bunkers are GUR right now, so I got to retry it. 2nd attempt made it. You have to power through them and I had the club face a little too flat on the first attempt. But conditions have to be perfect to...
  14. InTheRough

    Golftec vs Club Champion

    You know after all of this... I played another round today and decided to drop $121 on a standard length Cobra F9 Gap Wedge +1" with a graphite shaft. They only have the 760 Recoil Shafts now with no markup. So I just went for that. And a standard CP2 Pro grip with triple wrap - this should be...
  15. InTheRough

    What Ball Did You Play Last - What Are Your Thoughts?

    Srixon Z-star. I like the soft feel.
  16. InTheRough

    Trying to Break 100

    Well, I shot +11 for 9 holes with 2 pars... almost 3, but my putt lipped out. I'm wondering if I should just get a standard length F9 GW and call it a day rather than get an entire set because I hit the rest of the OL irons pretty well. It's the GW that I have problems with.
  17. InTheRough

    Do you have a controversial golf take?

    Under the new "local rule" you get to drop in the fairway, not two club lengths in from the out of bounds stakes, or two club lengths from where you think it might have ended up - whether that's still in the woods or in the rough. Instead of making the walk of shame, rehitting and taking a...
  18. InTheRough

    Most forgiving 3 wood for a mid-high handicap

    I mostly used it at 13.5 degrees off the tee. However if you up the loft to 15 -16 degrees... The Biocell 5W was pretty sweet off the deck at 17 degrees so I can imagine the 3W at its highest loft would be fine.
  19. InTheRough

    Do you have a controversial golf take?

    Per 2019 USGA "Local Rule" all Lost Balls can be dropped one club length in the fairway no closer to the hole at point of entry to the area where you are virtually certain that the ball was lost with a 2 stroke penalty. Also applies to balls OB. Ball is dropped from knee height. I clear this...
  20. InTheRough

    Let's talk ball markers....

    The only one they had at the pro shop was a poker chip style.

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