1. InTheRough

    Golftec vs Club Champion

    We've got both in Bellevue. Take your pick. Pros and cons. Or is it six of one and half dozen of the other?
  2. InTheRough

    Anyone have any experience counterbalancing a driver?

    With the arrival of counterbalanced shafts, and given that I'm losing swing speed, I'm wondering about a shaft insert for my driver. I found this on the internet. They're about $70 whereas a counterbalanced shaft is about $300 - 400. I'm wondering it this contraption is worth a try?
  3. InTheRough

    Another Quarantine Contest: Nicklaus v Palmer at Pinehurst #2

    These have been popping up without request on my Youtube feed. You know this is a classic. Sharing it here just because....
  4. InTheRough

    Hogan vs Snead

    This popped up in my video feed today....
  5. InTheRough

    Ping Drivers

    Anyone know if Ping sells weights for the G410 Plus? I have a shortened Ping G410 Plus with a 65 g Ping Tour shaft. It's 44" long and came at D3 swing weight as per standard spec. I'm wondering about trying it a little lighter, say at D0 to pick up a little swing speed.
  6. InTheRough

    Old ball, old club vs new ball, new club

    Times have really changed. Crossfield made a video where he hit a new old stock Dunlop 65 balata with a persimmon driver and compared it to the Srixon Z-star. And with the modern driver and same balls. I'm old enough to remember playing the Dunlop Green Dot 90s with a laminated driver. I...
  7. InTheRough

    We lose an hour of rain this weekend

    Yes! Don't forget to set your clocks ahead. We gain that delicious hour of daylight in the evening. People will complain about losing an hour of sleep. Those of us in the PNW lose an hour of rain.
  8. InTheRough

    3W, 5W or hybrids?

    I was watching a video today from Dan, who used to partner with Mark Crossfield talking about 3W or 5W in the bag. I'll post the video below. It reminded me of my own experience with the 3W. My 3W is lofted more like a 4W, too @ 15.5 degrees. Off a tee I can get about 220 carry with a 3W. Off...
  9. InTheRough

    Golf Pride CP2 Pro Grips - You've Been Tapped

    Well I finally did it. I got the grips installed on my clubs and since it was raining out and has been for the past week and will be for the next, I tested them in the bay at the store by hitting about 50 balls. I have De Quervain’s Syndrome in thumb of my left hand that acts up with impact and...
  10. InTheRough

    The Golf Club 2019

    Anyone have this game? It's how I've been getting my golf fix this winter on my XBox One. And I designed a golf course. So if any of you guys have this game and want to see what kind of sick twisted mind I have you can play this course. I uploaded it Jan 11th. It's been played over 55 times...
  11. InTheRough

    Regripping - arthritis problems

    A few years ago manufacturers used to put Golf Pride Tour Velvet or Lamkin REL grips on clubs standard. Checking the prices on the grips they're $8-9. Now the bean counters at the major manufacturers have decided to put Lamkin Crosslines which sell for $3.99 to save a few bucks. I know they get...
  12. InTheRough

    Drivers, 3Ws and golf swings.

    I don't know if this should go here or in clubs. My Callaway GBB Epic has been costing me about 5-7 strokes every round this year. Five shots go into the woods. Sometimes it takes two to escape. My miss is a 35 yd slice. Swing path out to in with an open club face. Every now and then I catch it...
  13. InTheRough

    Hybrid Shafts

    I'm trying to get the SW on my F9 hybrids up to D4. I know the 19 g weights will get me to D2. @Jman went to an ACCRA FX 2.0 200H which is an 88 g shaft to get to D4. It would be 85 g in R-flex, but $170 times 2 is a bit rich for me. The ACCRA is a mid-launch shaft. Anyone have any...
  14. InTheRough

    Adjustable Clubs

    Are the wrenches the same across the club manufacturers? Or are they different? i.e. can I use the Callaway wrench in a Cobra?
  15. InTheRough

    InTheRough - WITB

    WITB – Driver – Callaway 10.5 GBB Epic 44”; Cobra F9 4H 21 deg.; Cobra F9 5H 24 deg; Cobra King Forged Utility Driving Iron 3-4; Cobra F9 One-Length Irons 6 – SW; Cleveland Smart Sole S (58 deg); Callaway MD4 58 deg C-grind 8 bounce; Odyssey 40” Tank Versa 2 ball Putter (2012). These should...
  16. InTheRough

    Hybrids... Need some suggestions.

    I recently bought as set of the Epic Flash Hybrids - 5, 4, and 3. I've had them about 2 weeks. I've practiced with them and played with them. At this time I wish I'd kept my old Cobra Bio Cells. I do not like them. :( Yes, they're long... when I connect. The problem is connecting. And when I do...
  17. InTheRough

    So I sent my F9 One Lengths to Cobra to get a lie adjustment....

    After making the adjustment, Cobra sent them back but made a typo on the label. I live in a small town. The regular FedEx driver knows the area. A sub delivered my clubs to god knows where. The address on the label doesn't exist. Well the street does, just the block on the street doesn't. I...
  18. InTheRough

    So I sent my F9 One Lengths to Cobra to get a lie adjustment....

    I sent them on Aug 5. Bend them from 2 degree upright to standard, I said. They received them Wednesday the 7th. As of the 15th, no clubs. So I called them on the 15th. "We finished that on the 8th," they said. "Can I get a tracking number?" I asked. "Hold on and I'll get it," they said. "Um...
  19. InTheRough

    14th Club in the bag? What to add.

    I had a golf lesson yesterday for my driver and bunker shots. My F9 One Lengths are back at Cobra getting a lie adjustment from 2 degree upright to standard. The set is 5i - SW. Here's what I had in the bag: Callaway BB Epic Driver - carry 220 - 225 yds - he got me swinging the club better with...
  20. InTheRough

    Importance of getting fit properly

    Around these parts there are "no golfers over 5'10" tall" because 90% of places don't have the longer shafts and club heads with a variety of lies. You try out the standard lie, then they take a tape measure and fill out paperwork. Getting properly fit can be ... interesting. It's trial and...

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