1. MrFlapjack

    HZRDUS Smoke Tip to Graphics

    Could someone do me a solid and measure a new shaft tip to the top of the red diamond please. The original HZRDUS is 30.5", but want to confirm the Smoke. Either it's different or Cobra tipped the Smoke in my Extreme. Thanks
  2. MrFlapjack

    Cleveland CBX-T Line..

    If Cleveland took the CBX irons, reduced the offset to Z785 specs. Kept the V-sole, and standard 18 degree of leading edge bounce across all irons. Reduced the topline thickness to just a smidge more than the 585's, and made the heel to toe length the same as what the J40DPC's are, I think...
  3. MrFlapjack

    Srixon Z355 Replacements Coming?

    Just wondering if there's going to be a replacement for the Z355's soon? Hoping to see a forged J40DPC killer released soon...
  4. MrFlapjack

    WTB: Srixon Z545 7-PW or 7-AW heads

    Looking for some RH Z545 heads (7-PW or 7-AW), hopefully still .355 bore, and in good 8.5+ shape. Shipping would be to Canada, so probably $25 for a smallish box. Let me know what you got. Thanks
  5. MrFlapjack

    WTB: Srixon Z545 7-PW heads

    Looking for a set of RH 545's (7-PW) or (6-PW) heads to slap some Steelfibers into. Hoping someone has some leftover from maybe making a combo set with some 745's. Let me know what you got! Thanks
  6. MrFlapjack

    WTB: Nickent 5DX 5, and 6 hybrids (or weights)

    Looking for some Nickent 5DX 5, and 6 hybrid heads (don't need shafts). Also looking for extra weights that screw into the bottom just in case anyone is sitting on a stash of them. Looking for something in 9.0+ shape if possible. Thanks

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