1. strawboater

    5-Wood vs 3-Hy - Which and Why?

    A 5w is only good for a handful of days for me - it flys too high and it’s often windy here.
  2. strawboater

    ANNOUNCEMENT Congrats: You are Headed to the Grandmama

    Congrats @Tevenor ! A worthy winner and you will be a great participant. (y)(y)
  3. strawboater

    Putting Banter

    Solid choice
  4. strawboater

    Ben Hogan PTx Pro Forged Irons

    Nice shots and a beautiful course
  5. strawboater

    CONTEST The Grandmama: A Full Bag Of Callaway Equipment, A Trip and More

    Last night guys. We need more entries!
  6. strawboater

    Callaway MAVRIK FW Woods and Hybrids

    I have the standard Mav 3 wood with the Rogue 70X. The head is extremely forgiving across the face and it is very long. Getting on Trackman on Monday so will have some numbers then. I also have the standard Mav 4 hybrid. This things is even more forgiving, almost like cheating. Not sure it is...
  7. strawboater

    Video Chat with the Callaway Tour Van Reps

    Great job guys. Stoked to get my question asked in a live chat too - first time ever! Also, have to say that I am NOT a custom ferrules guy either, but I’m not getting onboard @JB’s ‘scrap the ferrule’ bandwagon either. Sorry! :D
  8. strawboater

    VA Composites SLAY Shaft Review

    Thanks. Found a thread, along with a video created by your good self! Measuring Shaft Torque Thread
  9. strawboater

    RealPretendPsychic's 2020(1) Grandaddy Marathon

    Two years to build up I guess, so no rush either. ;)
  10. strawboater

    NEED a new Hybrid, what should I get?

    Good to hear. A great choice and it was a superb deal.
  11. strawboater

    Headcover Showoff Thread

    My current favs - Shetland wool (wife is from there): Using the bomber putter cover: My other non-OEM ones:
  12. strawboater

    Video Chat with the Callaway Tour Van Reps

    Bet these guys love to talk ferrules as much as we do! :D
  13. strawboater

    What is your personal putting grip look like? Claw? Standard?

    Prayer grip, with both thumbs alongside each other. I find it gives me the best stability and balance in the stroke.
  14. strawboater

    VA Composites SLAY Shaft Review

    Eek! Is that down to manufacturing tolerances? I don’t understand what you mean when you say there are tons of different measuring methods? Is there a thread on torque and measuring? I feel the need to educate myself now.
  15. strawboater

    RealPretendPsychic's 2020(1) Grandaddy Marathon

    How often are you looking to get out on the course now lockdown is over @RealPretendPsychic ? A couple of times per week?
  16. strawboater

    ANNOUNCEMENT Your Reaction

    Nice idea. Thanks @GolferGal :D
  17. strawboater

    Video THPer Talks with Club Champion

    So much fun to watch that, even with all the tech shenanigans. :D I see ICONs with Recoils in Shane’s future.
  18. strawboater

    Will There Be A PGA Show in 2021?

    I can’t see there being that much new product out there to promote. Release cycles will be postponed for 12 months whilst manufacturers and suppliers recover.
  19. strawboater

    Callaway MAVRIK Drivers

    Go faster stripes :D
  20. strawboater

    Driver Loft: Poll

    An interesting poll would be “how old is your driver AND what loft is it?” If you have a driver that is a few years old, it may have a higher loft due to the #loftup movement at the time. I think lofts have gone reduced back to the 9.0/10.5 levels again in recent years.

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