1. obedt

    Learning together about Launch Monitors

    This is a complicated subject, and a bit of a rabbit hole. I started doing research very recently, and feel like I've learned some but have some huge gaps in knowledge. There's also a ton of misinformation out there- I was doing research when a tweet from Mr Vrska showed up fact-checking some...
  2. obedt

    Magic genie grants a wish - eliminate one shot from your repertoire

    So if you had the chance to eliminate one (but only one) shot forever, what would it be? Duck hook? Gone Shank? Never again Banana slice? Nope For me it would be the bladed wedge. I know there are worse misses in golf, but this one bites me in the @#$ too often. I'd be a happier man without...
  3. obedt

    Superstroke Wristlock Putter grip

    Just came across this in my inbox. Please merge if a thread had already been posted and I missed it...
  4. obedt

    Hybrid shape - Minifairway or more iron-like?

    Wondering about preferences in hybrid shapes. There’s some differentiation there between more of a rounded, mini fairway type vs a higher toe, more iron like profile. Do you have a preference? Pros and cons of each from a performance standpoint or is it more about comfort for the user?
  5. obedt

    Using tech to assist in practice

    I know a few people used the SC lines for practice. A few others have SkyTraks or other launch monitors. How often do you use tech for practice purposes? Whether it be a swing tracker, putting sensor, etc there's a TON of options that sound good in principle, but not necessarily something we...
  6. obedt

    Once stores open back up, what club are you most eager to hit?

    Another self-explanatory one. You're either shelter in place or can get out but golf stores in your area are closed. What's got your attention? Anything that you want to hit for the first time, or maybe try again?
  7. obedt

    Last club or shaft purchase that wasn't fitted

    Easy enough, what was the last club or shaft you bought that wasn't fit for you?
  8. obedt

    Best video I've seen on early extension

    This problem has crept into my game massively over the last 4 years. Have seen some old vids of my swing and it certainly wasn't as prevalent, but I'm terrible right now extending early. I thought this video has been the best one in getting my body to reduce this and wanted to share. May help...
  9. obedt

    Playing Virtual Golf beyond CV19

    With SkyTrak, Optishot becoming afforadable options, as well as preowned GC2 units becoming more available, and now the Mevo+ in that same price range as SkyTrak the virtual golf environment has already been growing. With the current pandemic, unit demands have been increased. The idea of the...
  10. obedt

    Early in the round, that one bad miss

    Contrary to a lot of my posts, I was actually kind of pleased with how I scored/played the second half of last year. Still a lot room for improvement, but there were a couple of things I did that allowed me to score ok by my standards. The biggest was keeping the ball in play. The Epic Flash...
  11. obedt

    What’s your setup?- Illinois edition

    While most major American club OEMs are based in Cal, there may just be something for everyone in Illinois. From companies steeped in tradition (Wilson Golf), companies taking big steps (Tour Edge), a DTC club company (Sub 70) and a putter company I absolutely lust over, there’s a wide selection...
  12. obedt

    OGIO Convoy SE Stand & Cart Bags

    Both were just announced via social. Mods, feel free to lock if a staff preview is coming up. Didn't see one so went ahead with the info on hand. https://www.ogio.com/golf/convoy-se-stand-bag-14/spr5417534.html For the golfer looking for a sleek, ultra-light carry bag, look elsewhere. This...
  13. obedt

    Proper Gapping and how it relates to Fitting

    Admittedly, this is an off-shoot of the loft conversation. I think that deserves its own space and want to see different thoughts on how we gap. This coming post has one EASY solution - do a full bag fitting, POSSIBLY followed by an iron gapping session with your new irons. Unfortunately that...
  14. obedt

    Best looking Cleveland Golf Iron

    A buddy of mine wanted to move on from his old Cleveland iron set (purchased T200 - they're a huge hit in this area). He basically gave them to me until he gets tired of the Titleist's and then he'll probably come back to them, as he's done with a few other sets. The irons still look GOOD imo...
  15. obedt

    Black Friday Wish List

    Wondering if there’s anything in particular THPers are hoping to find deals on this shopping holiday season. Particular rangefinder got your eye? Golf bag deals? Shoe? Hoping for certain club deals?
  16. obedt

    Premium club brands/lines

    Premium brands aren't new, but with the advertising splash PXG has made, it looks like more brands from overseas are looking at increasing their presence here. Also, the more tour oriented OEMs have taken restrictions off their engineers and have allowed them to produce concept or high end...
  17. obedt

    Why did you replace your old golf bag?

    I have trade in credit set aside for replacing my stand bag, but the truth is there isn't anything terribly wrong with it. I've had it for 5 years, it's faded, and parts of the top show wear from irons slamming into it. Still, every zipper works. Legs are as sturdy as day one. It works perfectly...
  18. obedt

    Should the Tour Championship count as a Tournament Win?

    Last year in the Tour Championship Tiger Woods was the best player in the (limited) field, scored the best in relation to par, and notched his historic 80th win. It was a huge moment, and despite the field size no one is discounting his win. Under the new format, the player that scores the...
  19. obedt

    Neck protection

    Sun’s up and I’m feeling the effects due to some long rounds. What options are there for the back of the neck? I try to reapply sunblock but think there should be better options. I’m not much for bucket hats but may have to look at that route. Hoping there’s something better Sent from my...
  20. obedt

    How often do you replace your TVs

    Wondering what THPers consider to be a good lifetime for TVs. Do you wait until damaged? Is there any new tech that moves you to upgrade? Need to have the latest and greatest? I used to be much more of a techy, but now I'm way more willing to wait before replacing my electronics. Current most...

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