1. shmelton

    WTB Trump National LA

    I am a collector of poker chips of the courses that I play. I played Trump National LA before I started collecting them, so I am looking for one. I’ve searched EBay, with no help. Does anyone on here have one they could part with? Or, is there anyone on here that gets to play the course that...
  2. shmelton

    Being paired with really bad golfers

    My BNL and I had our other 2 playing partners back out on us for our 9am 4th of July outing due to family obligations, which by the way is not acceptable at all, just kidding. With that being said we got paired with 2 horrendous golfs. I mean these dudes were BAD. To make it worse they were...
  3. shmelton

    Lets Talk Wedges

    How much has Wedge Tech changed over the last 20 yrs? Im not talking about gimmicks, Im talking about your everyday run of them mill Cleveland, Titleist, Callaway etc. The reason I ask is this. I have a 52* founders club from the mid 90's that I still use every round, the same goes for a 60*...

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