1. chrism_s

    Vanity Set Of Irons

    I've got some Mizuno Jpx 919 Yours, love the clubs and was fitted into them tbf, but no question my 19 handicap would appreciate something a splash more forgiving from time to time... Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  2. chrism_s

    Stableford Scoring System

    Sorry, I must be missing your point here. The UK stableford basically says playing to handicap equals 36 points (2 points per hole). Stableford is never played on a scratch format ( no handicap). The frequency of a net birdie or net par doesn't really have a relevance as far as I can see. What...
  3. chrism_s

    Stableford Scoring System

    It's not though, in golf a shot is a shot is a shot. Otherwise your handicap can't apply either. Does a net birdie on a hole you get a handicap stroke on count for 8,even though you got a stroke, but a hole you net birdied with no stroke only 4? It has to be a point per extra shot. Sent from...
  4. chrism_s

    Stableford Scoring System

    In the UK we use stableford for a lot of comps and most people use it for friendly matches for sure. The scoring is a bit different (net bogey 1, par 2, birdie 3, eagle 4 etc) but it is a great way to play across handicaps as it means high handicappers who have a blow up hole can still be in the...
  5. chrism_s

    Which putter grip do you use?

    I was standard, moved to claw in December and am putting of much better than before. Much better rhythm and consistency of strike
  6. chrism_s

    The THP Handicap Index

    Asking to have the flag put back in once it has been taken out, immediate 1 stroke penalty.
  7. chrism_s

    CONTEST The Mizuno Experience: Win a Free Trip, Clubs and More

    I love my Mizzy irons, love Mizuno as a company, can't wait to speak to Chris about the woods.
  8. chrism_s

    Shot Scope

    My SS definitely misses strokes during the round. I don't take practice swings and I think that is the main problem, the advice seems to be 2 practice swings per shot to ensure it registers the club.
  9. chrism_s

    Do you have different golf bags? Stand / Cart / Hybrid?

    I'm just in this conundrum. I have a mizuno cart and stand bag at the moment, I carry approx 50% and use my clicgear the other 50%. The stand bag is getting worn, so am thinking of investing in a new stand bag and just using that for everything,generally simplifying everything. Next problem is...
  10. chrism_s

    Removing clubs to mix it up

    A friend of mine played a comp this weekend with only 3 clubs and a putter as it was carry only due to the weather (I'm in the UK) and his back won't let him carry a full set. Came home with 30 stableford points and really enjoyed the challenge, so a good idea to mix it up for sure.
  11. chrism_s

    Golf Gloves - How Much Effort?

    I'm always amazed by people that don't use a glove in good working condition. They are only $10-$20 usually, and given the amount of money people spend on everything else in golf having an old / worn glove makes no sense to me. Also, when buying one, the difference between cheap and expensive...
  12. chrism_s

    Something For The Golfer Who Has Everything Almost

    You've just got to ask yourself which club would you leave out of the bag for it?
  13. chrism_s

    Trying To Break 90 Club

    Shot 87 on Saturday scoring 42 Stableford points, cut down to 19.1 from 21.5. So happy to start the year off with a great score, especially happy with teh front 9, only 3 over par from 2 to 9, including 5-9 being 1 under par. Putted really well, which makes a big change for me. Hopefully this...

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