1. CanaryKid

    What golf related items did Santa bring you?

    I got a puttout mat. Looking forward to using it. What did you get?
  2. CanaryKid

    "Billy No Mates"

    I've just noticed that, because an odd number of players made the cut in The Open and they are going out in pairs for the final round today, Danny Willet is teeing off first on his own. Surely they could have added him to the next group and had just the one three ball group. I'm not a fan of...
  3. CanaryKid

    Mizuno NF ID Irons

    As a 20 handicapper, I have always played game improvement irons, but recently I have had a hankering to try blades ... just to see if I can play them. So I decided to buy a cheap old set on the basis that, if I find that I am hopeless with them, I will have not lost much ... and so I bought...
  4. CanaryKid

    Anyone carry an "opposite handed" club?

    Admittedly a light hearted question, but with an element of seriousness. Does anyone carry an opposite handed club in their bag; e.g. a left handed club for a right handed player? I ask because, recently, I have twice found my ball in a position where, due to its proximity to a tree, I had no...
  5. CanaryKid

    Why no shorter iron sets?

    As can be seen by my WITB, I use hybrids to replace the longer irons and, from discussions with other players of my standard, I am not alone. It seems that, understandably, it is predominantly better players that bag longer irons. Given this, why is it that manufacturers and/or retailers...
  6. CanaryKid

    Callaway Irons that play like Ping G20s?

    A strange request for suggestions please. I have a full set of Pings (which I really like) and a second set comprising Callaway driver, wood and hybrids (which I also really like) and Taylormade irons. I play well enough with the Taylormade irons (Burner 2009), but the stupid OCD in me is...

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