1. jim54

    Honma TR20 440 Driver

    Well due to the itch needing to be scratched I have one of these inbound with the TR20 70 gram Stiff shaft, nice looking club and even though there is not any reviews I can find it looks to check all the boxes. I like the slightly smaller clubhead and coming from the Marvik SZ which is 450 cc...
  2. jim54

    Golf on or off to Putt?

    I hate to putt with the glove on, no idea why but it just does not feel right. Is that weird?
  3. jim54

    Paderson TS wedge shaft vs UST Recoil proto 125 wedge

    Has anyone tried this shaft? I am looking at different Graphite wedge shafts and the Paderson TS W is 128 grams and looks compareable to the UST tourspx proto wedge shaft @ 125 grams. I know it is a crap shoot without demoing but that is the way of the world right now. The Paderson is half the...
  4. jim54

    Is the delay in Pro Golf starting a benefit to some?

    Just thinking about how the delayed season could actually be good for Tiger and maybe Jordan Spieth. Tiger to heal whatever was up with him before the shut down and Speith to figure our how to play again. Do you think any others might just be better off?
  5. jim54

    Playing Copperhead in Tournament Conditions

    Thechosen1 and I will be playing Copperhead on Monday on a special deal since the Tournament was canceled, it is going to the 1st and maybe only time I will ever play a Tournament Course setup for the Event and maybe even the stands will still be up!! We are planning to play from the tips and...
  6. jim54

    Callaway trade in bonus

    Just a FYI, I did a trade in on the Mavrik Sub zero and just got my statement and was not paid the bonus as promised. A quick call to my Callaway rep and it was fixed and additional credit is on the way, so just be aware to check your statement mistakes happen. Callaway CS is the best but you...
  7. jim54

    Honma TR20 irons

    Man these look good, the P looks good and V even better and not crazy priced either
  8. jim54

    KBS TGI 100 or 110

    I have searched and cannot seem to find anything on these shafts, has anyone played them? I was fit for the 110 and frankly don't trust a mat fitting to reflect into the wild. I planned to do a grass fitting at True Spec but they don't stock the KBS TGI at all.
  9. jim54

    Graphite Design AD iron shafts

    did a search and found nothing, has anyone tried these shafts?
  10. jim54

    Graphite Design Tour AD XC

    I know there is not a lot of GD user's here, but just curious if anyone has tried the new AD XC shaft. The profile looks very similar to the AD BB which I love and might have to find one for demo purposes.
  11. jim54

    Miura CB-301 irons

    New for 2019 from Miura the CB-301 is a forged slightly stronger loft cavity back (for Miura) and is listed as a distance type players iron. I will be receiving the 7-AW shafted with the Fujikura MCI Black 100x but soft stepped twice to make them more user friendly, but retain the properties...
  12. jim54

    What are your expectations of QC from any OEM on new Equipment?

    Do you expect some level of perfection or are you happy with whatever comes out of the box?
  13. jim54

    Golf nerds are us

    So let's celebrate being ourselves and applaud this glorious bunch people brought together by two wonderful people that had a vision and put it to work. I love new Equipment, I have changed clubs more times than I can count and played just about every major brand at some time or another and...
  14. jim54

    FS Callaway PM Grind 2.0 64 degree

    Bought new, had it adjusted to 62 deg. Looks very good, almost new I have the stock KBS Hi Rev 2.0 115 to put back in if desired $135 shipped
  15. jim54

    FS New Level 54* head

    This was used about 20 rounds, normal face scratching I have a KBS 2.0 Hi Rev 115 shaft I can put in it if desired $100.00 shipped
  16. jim54

    Bahamas Golf

    Played in a scramble today at the Royal Blue Course at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar. Beautiful Course and a lot of fun. Got some Titleist AP3 / 917 rental clubs and had a blast, these suckers are long. They also had PXG rentals so I may blow off the show and play tomorrow with a set of those just...
  17. jim54

    FS New Level 52* head

    New in the plastic 52 /9 head only $100 shipped conus
  18. jim54

    Golf Mechanix

    Has anyone ever bought directly from this Company? They build all the Equipment that is rebranded and sold as Golfworks such as the taping machines and club adjusting stations. They are also the Dealer of the Club heads I intend to buy and I am not real comfortable giving my CC info to a...
  19. jim54

    FS 56 & 60 Callaway MD4 wedges

    60 X grind Standard L/L/L 56 S grind Loft adjusted to 54 L/L Standard TT 115 S200 Shafts as stock from Callaway stock Callaway Pro Series cord grip I pulled these shafts as soon as I got them and just put them back in as stock setup as ordered from Callaway. $115 for both shipped conus No...
  20. jim54

    Langer and his cheating stroke

    Watching this right now and the last two putts you can clearly see his arm and hand pressing against his chest, no daylight at all between his hand and chest as he claims. I know no one cares but if they are not going to enforce it why not just eliminate the rule again and let everyone that...

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