1. pilot25

    SiriusXM Golf channel?

    I listen to a few programs on the XM golf channel. I like Breed especially. Generally I listen when I'm doing a home project. What is fascinating is the same people call in to give their opinion. I have started to change to something else because I don't care about some random person's...
  2. pilot25

    Online marketplace?

    I'm looking to buy a new bag. One I like is pretty pricey but a couple places sell it for way cheaper than others. Ogio Convoy RTC is about $300 most places. 3balls and global golf sell it for $230. I have read horror stories about golf counterfeit clubs. Do these criminals do this with...
  3. pilot25

    2015 Sun Mountain C130

    I purchased this cart bag back in Dec of 2014. Didn't use it last year and only has about 40 rounds on it. Stored inside when not in use. It looks like new however I just noticed one of the big zipper pockets that are the length of the bag has completely given way at the seam. Hole at the...
  4. pilot25

    Golf has changed. What do you miss or not miss. I miss....

    ....the sound of metal spikes clicking in the parking lot in the morning.
  5. pilot25


    Anyone know of this "brand?" Stumbled upon this while searching for a new SPF hat. Definitely a conversation starter but it has to be quality before I put cash down.
  6. pilot25

    What the F is with my pitching?

    I have always had a pretty descent short game. I used to practice it for hours a week before kids. Still without practicing too much I've always been able to get within 10 feet from 100 yards in, most of the time. The last 4 or 5 rounds I've been blading my pitch shots from about 60 yards in...
  7. pilot25


    What happened to this company? I have one I bought several years ago. Pulled it out of the closet to try out again and the app didn't work. Hasn't been updated in over a year. The website, I'm told, has said back ordered for months and months. Anyone know?
  8. pilot25

    Barstool Classic - Whiskey Creek, Maryland

    Anyone playing in this "tournament?"
  9. pilot25

    golfballs.com queston

    The idea of getting, on a ball, what golfballs.com does is compelling. Does anyone know if it affects the performance of the ball. Doesn't look like its just a ink job but looks like a professional coating.
  10. pilot25

    Direct to consumer ball news....

    So apparently, from another source, the direct to consumer golf ball industry has been uncovered. Companies like Snell, Cutblue, Vice etc all source their balls from a Asia manufacturer called Foremostgolf. They crank out balls for anyone who wants to place orders with them. All you need is a...
  11. pilot25

    Pro V1 Practice balls

    I have been playing the Pro V1 Practice balls. Anyone else? With all the talk about Cut Blue and Snell being budget balls with ProV1 performance why not just buy ProV1 Practice balls at the same price as the Snells? The PRACTICE stamp indicates no difference in performance. Cosmetic flaws...
  12. pilot25

    Yelling fore?

    Teeing off the first hole. Partner hits a shot that veers left into an area between the first hole and the hole adjacent who's direction is opposite ours. There is a small hill. The ball bounced and rolled just as a cart was coming over the hill. By the time we could even react the ball was...
  13. pilot25

    40s, golf, fitness, aches and pains?

    Late 40s age, workout pretty hard every day. Cardio, core, and weights. Work with a trainer once a week. I also eat relatively healthy. Still have aches and pains after a round or after a couple hour range session. I took off 2 years from the game. I warm up before each time out and...
  14. pilot25

    Big Moss Mats??

    Anyone have a BigMoss putting mat? I just ordered the original mainly because I'm space limited and its the smallest one at 9' long while the rest are 10'+.

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