1. oumagic

    For Sale ALL SOLD Various Callaway clubs at trade-in price

    I have the following equipment that I am looking to unload at trade-in prices. A savvy shopper might even think about buying these and waiting for a trade-in bonus to get credit toward a new set. These were the trade-in values I saw on the cobra site a few minutes ago. I would love to sell all...
  2. oumagic

    One Length Fitting Tips from Jose Miraflor with Cobra Golf

    Rather than burying this in my own Morgan Cup thread, I thought this deserved its own place. Feel free to discuss your personal experiences with One Length or ask questions. I am still personally undecided, but am so appreciative of the guidance offered by Mr. Miraflor and various THP member who...
  3. oumagic

    Photo Heavy (Long post) My journey to Morgan Cup: One Length or Not?

    This is a thread that talks about my journey to the Morgan Cup. We do not have club options yet, but my biggest preliminary pondering has been whether I can play One Length. My 2020 goal before MC was announced was to get my handicap to single digits. I want the Cobra clubs and my prep for MC to...
  4. oumagic

    Arizona local outing 3/1/2020

    UPDATED 2/18/20 with all 12 confirmed. If anyone drops out, I will ask again for anyone that can make it. We have three tee times reserved on 3/1 at Poston Butte Golf Club. Wildcat4life got us tee times at $73 per person and the tee times are 9:04 AM and 9:12 and 9:20 AM. We are getting...
  5. oumagic

    Interesting article about Sand Hollow Golf Resort

    This was the article about Sand Hollow that made me really want to be picked for the Morgan Cup. I wanted to play in a Morgan Cup since I first joined and read the recaps, but the course is what really moved the needle for me prior to this signup. The article mostly focuses on the scenic back...
  6. oumagic

    Photo Heavy Water Bottles: controversial topic

    I ask in advance for the mods not to lock this thread due to its controversial nature. OK, so I know you are wondering why I would post something so controversial to risk getting banned before Morgan Cup announcements. You are wondering why I would post a controversial thread in the Food and...
  7. oumagic

    Anyone in a league in Phoenix area?

    I was kicking around the idea of joining a local league for 2020 and just wondered if anyone knew of a good one. I did a search and saw something called Premier as one option and then mostly different course with their Men’s groups. I am not in a position to join a private course.
  8. oumagic

    For Trade GONE! Free Irons: HEADS ONLY (off brand)

    I have two sets of iron heads that were given to me. It doesn’t look like they have ever been used. I have no use for them and whoever wants them can have them. Each set has 8 irons, 4-SW. Send me a message and I will mail them out.
  9. oumagic

    For Sale Superspeed Golf sticks with radar

    I would like to get $200 and that includes shipping to US. I would be willing to trade for the right putter, since I am selling these to fund a putter purchase. There are some nicks that should not affect performance; I bought them in March and the grips are still like new. I have someone...
  10. oumagic

    For Sale Callaway XR16 10.5 degrees

    I would like to sale the driver for $110 and that includes shipping to U.S. It is a great driver but I just bought a new driver. The grip is new and I have had the driver approximately 6 months. I would entertain trade offers on a 32-34” putter. Add $10 if you need the Callaway wrench. PayPal only.
  11. oumagic

    TrueSpec free full bag fitting

    I saw on Instagram that TrueSpec Golf https://www.truespecgolf.com/ is currently offering full bag fittings for free. I went to the Scottsdale location in July for a driver fitting and it was a good experience. I figured there was a catch, so I emailed my fitter and he assures me there isn’t...
  12. oumagic

    Do you have any pre-round rituals or on course superstitions?

    I don’t consider all rounds big, but before I play a big round, I like to have a chick-fil-a biscuit with one honey packet. It makes it difficult when I play on Sunday, but if it is a big round, I buy it the day before. I like to grab four damp wash cloths and put them in a ziplock in the...
  13. oumagic

    Thomas has some of that Koepka money

    Maybe it was already discussed in the tournament thread, but who else saw the stuff about Justin Thomas and Brooks Koepka betting on hole-outs? I thought it was cool. Justin Thomas is playing for millions of dollars, but when he holes out, the first thing he can think about and says to his...
  14. oumagic

    Golf "Mad Libs"

    Disregard. No interest
  15. oumagic

    Payne: documentary replaying tonight on Golf Channel

    Payne Stewart was my favorite golfer. I saw that they are replaying the one hour documentary tonight. I am not sure what time it is on around the country, but it starts in 40 minutes here in Arizona. I have it set to record and it is a good documentary. I am not sure this in the right forum, but...
  16. oumagic

    Minimum standard for belt loops

    I apologize if this has been previously covered and shut down due to it being a controversial topic, but there should be a minimum number of belt loops on a pair of shorts to be still called “golf shorts.” I prefer 6 loops on a pair of golf shorts, but the absolute minimum should be 5. I have...
  17. oumagic

    Pops question for match play

    I didn’t want to derail the other thread. If a mod thinks this belongs there, feel free to move it. I don’t understand pops for match play and groups. I posted earlier in the other “pops” thread that I think my group is doing it wrong and am looking for guidance. I am an 11 and my buddy is a...
  18. oumagic

    Callaway customer service

    Last week I posted a rant about a situation I had with Callaway. I was upset that customer service told me to make copies of my receipts and send them in to get reward credit and then rewards told me “no.” I messed up by not verifying that I was enrolled in the program before I made my March...
  19. oumagic

    WTB swing speed radar

    Does anyone want to sell their radar to use with the SuperSpeed Golf Trainer? I thought I would check here before eBay. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. oumagic

    My fitting experience with True Spec in Scottsdale: long post

    I had a fitting on July 11 with a company called True Spec in Scottsdale. They have other locations around the country and I just wanted to add my review. I have not been fitted in over 10 years and that was done at Ping headquarters. I bought some new Callaway irons in March 2019 and was on a...

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