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    How is COVID-19 affecting your golf game?

    I had a gold trip planned with a couple of golf buddies to the Ozarks, but we've decided to postpone it to the fall. We are anxiously awaiting better weather so we can get out and play golf. No plans to reduce our playing time and, in fact, we are planning on playing more because there's not...
  2. J

    Ball you like but don't play because of price?

    I like the ProV1, but refuse to play it because it's just priced too high. Especially, since the performance is not any better than some of the other balls that I play... such as, Snell MTB Black, Bridgestone Tour B RX, Srixon Z Star.
  3. J

    Ozarks in April - course recommendations?

    Guys trip to the Ozarks in late April and looking for golf course recommendations. Post em up.
  4. J

    Finally... hitting in to out

    I've been working all winter hitting balls in my indoor hitting bay and watched a video today that finally helped me change my swing from out-to-in to in-to-out. It was such a simple thing, but it simply showed how to take the club to the top of the backswing and instead of trying to swing the...
  5. J

    More or less offset in your irons?

    I've hit clubs with lots of offset and clubs with much less offset and I seem to adjust to both pretty well. Which begs the questions. How do you know if you need more offset or less offset in your irons? Or is it a personal choice that really doesn't affect performance.
  6. J

    Seems like every ball has improved, then why change?

    In reading lots of ad copy regarding the new Callaway, Titleist, and Srixon balls, is it just me or did anyone else come to the conclusion, that baring any revolutionary changes, the ball you're currently using is probably still the best ball fo you. I noticed that a lot of the ad copy makes it...
  7. J

    Natural fade, do I play it or try to overcome it?

    My swing (at least with irons) has a natural fade to it. Maybe 5-10 yards with a 9 iron a little more with less lofted irons. I can fix it, but the only way seems to be to drop my right foot (I'm right handed) back a few inches. This eliminates the fade and pretty much gives me a nice...
  8. J

    Fixing a snap hook?

    I use a Skytrak at home for working on my swing and recently - the last few months - I've had a problem with the ball going left. Most of the time, it will start on line, but then veer to the left. I think this was caused by my trying to increase my distance with each club. I've diagnosed...
  9. J

    Early December golf and shopping destination?

    Looking for a destination that is warm, has some golf options, and shopping for the wife.
  10. J

    Epic Flash hybrid vs Rogue / Rogue X hybrid

    I'm currently playing the Rogue X hybrid and thinking of upgrading to either the Epic Flash or the new Super hybrid. Anyone upgraded to the Epic Flash from the Rogue/Rogue X?
  11. J

    Anyone compare the Callaway MD4 vs the new MD5 Jaws?

    I've been playing the Callaway MD4 wedges for more than a year and they seem to be excellent. I recently switched to the Ping Glide 3.0 Eye2 wedge and there are some things I really like about it, but I don't see any better spin numbers or results with it compared to my MD4. They both have...
  12. J

    Apex CF19 and specialty wedge selection

    I'm playing the Apex CF19 irons and really, really enjoying them. They seem to be just the irons I've been looking for and the more rounds I play with them, the better it seems to get. I only got the PW with the set which is 43*. I have a 48* and 54* MD4 as my AW and SW. However, I'm...
  13. J

    If you played or play a Rogue driver, what did you move to or thinking of?

    I currently play a Rogue Draw and pretty happy with it; however, I've been thinking about moving to an Epic Flash or Titleist driver. Naturally, I'll get fit, but just wondering what others have moved to or thought about?
  14. J

    Snell MTB X and hitting into the wind.

    I normally play the Snell MTB X, but yesterday, I was hitting into a 15 mph wind and noticed that it ballooned a little bit. On the next shot, I hit the same club (7 heavenwood), and noticed that it also ballooned when hitting the same direction into the wind. Just wondering if anyone else has...
  15. J

    Tour Edge EXS Driver (senior setup)

    Background - I had been playing the Callaway Rogue Draw with a senior shaft (UST Recoil) and experiencing some less than consistent drives. I was happy with the distance, but on mishits, I would not only lose distance but miss fairways. I figured I just needed to work on my swing... so I did...
  16. J

    How would you compare the Callaway Apex CF19 vs Ping G410?

    I know that you might want to consider the Apex CF19 a distance players iron and the G410 a game improvement iron and that the G410 might be more comparable to the Callaway Big Bertha, but I'd like to get some feedback in the following areas. Forgiveness Distance Feel Appearance If anyone has...
  17. J

    So the Cobra F9 is arguably the most discussed driver, but...

    Played 18 holes yesterday and one of my playing partners was a young lady that recently got a Cobra F9 with a women's shaft... I'm guessing it was in the 40 gram range. I'm a senior (71 years old) and she offered to let me hit it on one hole. We measured the length and it is exactly the same...
  18. J

    Tell-tale signs that you are not compressing the ball.

    There seems to be a school of thought that if you are not compressing the ball, you may be losing distance. I know that most golf ball manufacturers design their golf balls to be suitable for most level of golfers, but I'm curious if there is any simple way to know if you are not compressing...
  19. J

    New grip for Scotty Cameron Newport 2?

    I would like to replace the grip on my Scotty Cameron Newport 2. I'm interested in a larger grip than the midsize one that I have on it. In fact, I ordered a midsize matador grip from SC and it's the same one I have on mine now. Anyone replaced theirs with a larger grip and what did you go...
  20. J

    New golf balls or updated golf balls for 2019?

    Looking for a list of all the new golf balls for 2019 or updated golf balls for 2019. Here's the ones that I can think of but I'm sure it's by no means complete. Fill in what I'm missing. Callaway ERC (new) Callaway Magna (new) Titleist ProV1 (updated) Titleist ProV1x (updated) Bridgestone...

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