1. Ottawaclo

    When to leave steel and go to graphite?

    When I first started playing I only used graphite shafts in my irons. Then with the Apex CF16's i finally switched to steel and loved it. My misses werent as bad.....I felt like I had more control on my distances.......but man can I feel it after 18 holes now. It is a purely physical thing to...
  2. Ottawaclo

    FT Callaway Truvis

    Just looking to trade some of the extras I have been lucky to acquire and trade for ones I do not have. Please PM with any trade offers....free 2 day shipping for AC members Thanks!!! Here are the ones I do have to help with trade offers: Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  3. Ottawaclo

    Weighted Blankets

    My 10 yr old daughter is on the spectrum and suffers from a heart issue and has always had issues falling asleep. Been researching these weighted blankets for months to do anything to help her little body rest and am finally about to pull the trigger. Before I do I am curious if any of my THP...
  4. Ottawaclo

    FS: Callaway Apex CF16 4-AW w/Arccos for AC

    Need to part with these as I hold onto my Cobra set. The irons have one and a half seasons of use and have normal bag chatter. The 9 iron has a blemish near the toe due to a bunker shot. Shown in picture. Clubs have recently installed mcc+4 grips and are bent 2* up. Standard length. AC...
  5. Ottawaclo

    BIG day tomorrow....

    Been working like a madman the last few weeks setting up my new warehouse knowing I would not be able to work this weekend. Tomorrow we take my daughter in for her second cardiac cath and we could use as many positive vibes from the THP family as possible. Best case they find out that her PH...
  6. Ottawaclo

    Happy birthday so-illhacker!!

    Happy birthday @so-illhacker! He has always been helpful to me and I appreciate all the time he has spent answering my questions
  7. Ottawaclo

    Happy Birthday Rallo!!!!

    Happy birthday to the second THPer I ever met and one that continues to be a great guy to lean on regarding anything and everything THP Hope you have an amazing day @Rallo !!!
  8. Ottawaclo

    Happy Birthday @The_Dude

    Happy birthday @The_Dude ! Was great meeting you at the Hype event and continued chats since. Hope you have a great day
  9. Ottawaclo

    Best time to get fitted?

    Thinking of taking advantage of a full bag fitting here locally but I literally have not played one hole this year cause of Midwest winter. Should I wait? Or take advantage of the lower costs now? Curious how the THP fam would or have approached their legit first fittings in terms of time of...
  10. Ottawaclo

    Need some Ryder Cup style help.....

    So my older brother has graciously allowed me to tag along with his annual golf trip outing this year and we will be heading down to the RTJ trail in May. I have been instructed to bring some Ryder Cup style gear (red, white, blue etc) as that is the format for the 4 days of golf. i have a TON...
  11. Ottawaclo

    FS: 10.5 Epic Sub Zero Driver

    For sale is my 10.5 Epic Sub Zero driver. Used for little over half a season. Has normal marks on bottom of club and face from idiotic use of white tees lol...Will send more pics upon request. The high resolution does make it look worse than it is but by no means am I trying to hide some of the...
  12. Ottawaclo

    My First Year at THP.....

    Just wanted to take a few minutes to type up some thoughts on my first year here at THP. I literally found the place while google searching for golfing children charities and once I saw the details of the Albatross Club……I signed up and donated right away. It was such a random thing for me to...
  13. Ottawaclo

    Win a house with 3 golf holes for $14!?

    Saw this in my news feed https://www.golfdigest.com/story/you-can-win-a-dollar26-mansion-with-a-three-hole-golf-course-for-just-dollar14-yes-theres-a-catch You can win a $2.6 mansion with a three-hole golf course for just $14. Yes, there's a catch Craziness!
  14. Ottawaclo

    Spare just 1?

    Just looking for one bitcoin....thanks lol. I gave up mining those years ago and boy am i regretting it now. My wallet needs just a half one of those and thats a year of my daughters meds right away.....crazy!!!
  15. Ottawaclo

    An update and what did I miss?

    Morning everyone, Apologies but I have not been able to post really anything since the HYPE event....which I owe a breakdown for. Basically I returned to Illinois and to work to find one of my best workers had broke her ankle while at home which put me down a valued employee literally a few...
  16. Ottawaclo

    Best Compression Shirt?

    Looking to snag a few short sleeve compression shirts (white and black at least) and curious to what brands everyone wears? Thanks!
  17. Ottawaclo

    Facebook and Hiring

    So I have a position open in my warehouse and corporate threw up an ad on indeed and the apps have been pouring in. I recognized a few names and jumped on facebook to put faces to the names and man......some just DQed themselves from interviews due to some of the stuff I was seeing (Drugs the...
  18. Ottawaclo

    Beer Round posting...

    ......sooooo my older brother showed up for a Hall Pass round (what we call it when we have unlimited round permissions from the significant others) and it was ugly. Beer flowed like the nectar of the gods and the bright sun wore us down. After 36 holes it was quite comical the shots that were...
  19. Ottawaclo

    Random IOS Question

    Morning, My company just launched their new website today and we want to send out an email blast embedding the iOS icon you can create when you send a bookmark to your home screen. Would it be as simple as saving that favicon and just attaching the link to it? Thanks in advance for any and...
  20. Ottawaclo

    Adidas Ultimate Trip

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