1. jdtox

    Shoes: Leather or something else?

    As I get ready to head out for my early morning round in 30* temps this morning I noticed the ground is quite wet. That got me thinking about wearing a pair of leather shoes instead of my Puma PWRADAPT even though they are no where near as comfortable. Wet feet is no fun for golf. Do you prefer...
  2. jdtox

    What in your opinion are the most comfortable golf shoes for walking?

    Been having this discussion with my golf league as many guys are not walkers and many complained about their feet last week. I have mentioned Puma and Adidas as options but its funny to hear the difference of opinion. Let's hear from THP about other options.
  3. jdtox

    How do you arrange your clubs in your 5-way bag

    Do you arrange it differently for walking or riding? I have always had my longer clubs in the back if you're looking at the bag from the front but have seen others with the exact opposite. Is there a right or wrong way?
  4. jdtox

    Do you think the USGA should set a standard for the flagstick/cup issue going forward?

    Obviously we most of us have experienced golf under this Covid-19 time. We have seen upside down cups, stryofoam in the hole and plastic discs. We have also seen a contraption that you raise with your putter to get the ball out of the hole. Every course I have played has had something different...
  5. jdtox

    Are you ok with getting paired with others right now?

    Curious as to THPers thoughts on this. Last minute decision this morning I thought about playing. Checked online and saw tee times available, I called and they said I’d have to play with others as they won’t let singles go out alone? Another course shows the same thing, twosomes is the smallest...
  6. jdtox

    What to pack for a walking round of 18?

    As courses open up slowly no doubt we will see some changes at least for a while to they way we golf. Under this new Covidian Law (Thanks @Canadan) we will not be able to go inside to pay, there will be no getting a sandwich or drink at the turn and I expect there likely won't be a cart girl...
  7. jdtox

    Food Delivery apps which one do you use?

    Yesterday for the first time of this quarantine I decided to order out. I have never used a delivery service as I have heard horror stories and enjoy cooking most of the time but I hear people have had good experiences as well. I ended up going with Door Dash and my experience was good. App was...
  8. jdtox

    Golf this summer - Forced to walk? OR single riders only?

    Was discussing this with a few people. I'm thinking social distancing is going to extend through the summer in most areas meaning unless you live in the same house you won't be riding in a cart with your buddies for a round. Is it time to invest in a push cart? Will courses charge more for...
  9. jdtox

    Will Life ever be the same after COVID-19?

    I was just talking with some friends and we started talking about the future when this virus is behind us. Going grocery shopping and coming home to wipe down packages with clorox wipes. Wearing masks and rubber gloves in the stores. What about professional sports? Concerts? How long will it be...
  10. jdtox

    Flavored coffee syrups do you use them?

    I used to drink my coffee only black, about six months ago I switched to cream and now I'm drinking flavored creams. The other day a friend sent me some flavored syrups to try out and have to admit they are fantastic. Just add a little syrup and good to go. These were all caramel flavors but I'd...
  11. jdtox

    Team Paradise - Meet the Team

    Just a little something I thought would be fun for the forum. Forgive my poor video editing skills, much like my golf swing its a work in progress haha. Enjoy
  12. jdtox

    PGA Tour cancels all events through the Valero

    PGA was a little slow but is now following suit with all other sports. https://www.thehackersparadise.com/pga-tour-statement-about-cancellation-of-events/
  13. jdtox

    Is now the time to travel domestically? Or are you worried about COVID-19?

    Just looking at some domestic flights and prices are STUPID cheap right now. Flights to places that would normally be $400+ are $120-160 round trip which is unheard of especially during Michigan's spring break week. Would you travel domestically right now or in wait and see mode?
  14. jdtox

    Lets talk putter grips, what do you use?

    Do you change your grip or just go with stock? If you change what do you change to and why? Do you prefer a thin or thick grip? I'm a stock grip kind of guy for the most part but have though about exploring other options in search of that feel. Most stock grips I tend to get along with for the...
  15. jdtox

    How do you decide on your ball?

    Typically I'm a guy who plays whatever is in the bag. I always play tour type balls, urethane covers, 3 piece, etc. but its usually a mix mash of different brands. This year I want to do something different and play the same ball for a whole year. So how do you decide what ball to play? Is it a...
  16. jdtox

    Do you use video when practicing?

    During this latest attempt to fix my swing I started taking video. Its a process, a lengthy one at that but the more I learn about the golf swing the more I can see wrong in my own just by taking video at the range. Do you take video at the range? IF not why?
  17. jdtox

    Would you buy reduced distance equipment?

    I think the answer is pretty obvious but based on the USGA's ridiculous report that suggests you may have to own two sets of equipment to play in tournaments depending on local rules I think it begs the question... If a company decided to go ahead and produce reduced distance equipment would you...
  18. jdtox

    Puma Waste Managment Champs Stand Bag

    Just got this in the email from Puma. What you do you guys think? I love the custom tournaments stuff
  19. jdtox

    TENS Unit, do you have one/use one?

    I have heard of these fantastic little devices but never had the opportunity to use one until recently and it blew my mind. It was kind of weird at first but I liked it a lot so much so I picked one up on amazon today. I battle a sore neck and shoulder at times so I figured I’d give it a shot...
  20. jdtox

    Whats are the most used clubs in your bag? (excluding putter)

    Do you know? If you have Arccos stats or similar please consult. I find these kind of things intriguing. Clearly wedges and putters get a lot of work but for me I found it a bit surprising that I hit my 3w as often as my 8i and as much as I loved the 5w I rarely use it.

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