1. gmiller598

    2nd PGA Event at Muirfield Village

    https://www.nbc4i.com/sports/muirfield-village-set-to-host-two-pga-tour-events-in-july/ Looks like the PGA is replacing the canceled John Deere event with a new event played without fans. I believe they are still hoping to have fans for the Memorial Tournament played the following week.
  2. gmiller598


    Anyone watching this so far? I got the year free for getting a new iPhone. Watching See right now. I'm really enjoying The Morning Show. I'm still trying to figure out if I like For All Mankind. The M. Night Shyamalan show Servant looks like it might be good.
  3. gmiller598

    Most underrated album by a major artist

    As far as major artists in music history, everyone knows their signifiant hits and legendary releases but do some major artists have something else that you find underrated or overshadowed that others may not know or pay enough attention to? I have 2, maybe 3 off the top of my head. Jimi...
  4. gmiller598

    Best way to maintain width through the swing

    SO my swing has been working pretty well recently until the last week or so. When it falls apart it really falls apart and I struggle to find what I'm doing differently. Sometimes it is tempo related and other times I really struggle with short-arming my follow through. I feel like I do a good...
  5. gmiller598

    2nd Swing Experience

    This week I bought a LH G400 Max from 2nd Swing. I got a great price on it with a sale price and additional discount code for lefties. It arrived yesterday and I picked it up but didn’t examine it closely. They did forget to change the grip like I asked. I called them and they made that right...
  6. gmiller598

    Any interest in a weekend Bourbon and Golf Outing in KY this fall?

    I think I threw this idea out in the whiskey topic a long time ago but realistically I think I want to see if this is something we can throw together in the next month or so. Here is what I propose if anyone is interested or has any suggestions. We pick a weekend in the next month or so before...
  7. gmiller598

    When is there too much bounce?

    I’m trying to figure out what wedges are right for me in the 54 and 58 lofts. I hear people say more bounce is better, especially for higher handicap players who struggle with contact but how much is too much? i was taught to chip with the face opened up a bit to use the bounce on a club but I...
  8. gmiller598

    What do you remember about the first time you swung a golf club?

    The first time you picked up a club to swing it, what do you remember about it? Mini golf doesn’t count. For me, I was in college and had a friend who played in HS. We went to the university course together to play. I’m a lefty and had to use his RH clubs. Of course my swing was ugly and...
  9. gmiller598

    Wedge fitting with Club Champion

    Has anyone done strictly a wedge fitting with Club Champion? I did a full bag fitting in January where we only really glossed over the wedges as full swing clubs. I’m interested in going and doing strictly a wedge fitting where we get not chipping and determining the various grinds that might be...
  10. gmiller598

    How many people play the same specs in their hybrids and irons?

    Basically I mean of you play your irons at +1/2", do you also lengthen your hybrids as well? I know lie angle on hybrids aren't terribly adjustable to an extent but from a length persdpective do you try to keep everything aligned? My hybrid is 1" longer than my 5i. In the stock lengths there is...
  11. gmiller598

    Putter MOI and forgiveness

    Are there ever published MOI numbers for putters? Odyssey talks about forgiveness in the putters but what would be more forgiving? A Stroke Lab 2 Ball Fang with a single weight in the back, An EXO Stroke Lab 2 Ball, or my current putter, the EXO 7? They all have different construction make ups...
  12. gmiller598

    Career Counseling Services

    I've been unemployed for about 4 months right now. I didn't think it would be this hard but I've been fortunate to have been able to have interviews up to this point and decent success with recruiters but the process is starting to wear thin on me and I'm needing to re-evaluate my outlook right...
  13. gmiller598

    The Barbasol Championship

    I know nobody is watching this one because of the open but I'm pulling for Josh Teater in this one. He's a local Kentucky guy there and we went to the same college. He's having a strong moving day and currently sitting in the top 5. He should know the course well since I believe he's been a...
  14. gmiller598

    PING nFlight online fitting suggestions

    Anyone actually used this for reference and then actually got fit? I'm just curious how your real life fitting differed or was similar to the online recommendations. When ever I fill it out out of curiosity it recommends a stiff shaft for me in irons at an extra 1/2" in length. I'm curious if...
  15. gmiller598

    Has anyone gone to graphite shafts and then went back to steel?

    Just a curious question. I went graphite a couple of years ago due to being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. In the last year and a half since I’ve been on medication I’ve gotten it under control and pain and stiffness have not plagued me for quite a while. I’m debating about potentially...
  16. gmiller598

    FS: LH Cobra F9 Tour Length Driver and LH F9 3-4W

    The driver has been used on course only 2 times and mostly at the driving range. Tour Length with the appropriate weights included. It has the UST Helium 49g F3 shaft and a GP MCC+4 midsize grip installed. Asking $275 shipped. 3-4w Has also only been used on course twice with most use at the...
  17. gmiller598

    F9 One Length long irons or hybrids?

    I've got the One Length set up to the 4 iron in the graphite shafts and I'm starting to see some distance gaps shrinking between the 7i and the 4i. For the others who've tested the F9 One Lengths, did you hit both the hybrid and the irons to figure out you gaps? I'm using the Rogue X 3h since...
  18. gmiller598

    How do you know if you are standing too close or too far away from the ball?

    So I have had a bit of an issue in my swing lately that I believe I found the cause of. I think I'm standing too far away from the ball. I've been hitting a lot of toe shots recently so I spent some time analyzing my swing in slo motion in my back yard. I'm noticing that when I swing and deliver...
  19. gmiller598

    Anyone here ever worked for a recruiting firm as a contractor?

    Just curious to know what your experience was with the process. I was laid off from my corporate job in March after my position was moved offshore. I've had lots of hits from recruiters and I accepted a position a couple of weeks ago through a recruiter at a large company. I have filled out all...
  20. gmiller598

    Child inventor with a really good idea

    I saw this on our local new website and it seems like a really good idea. I'm surprised I haven't heard of a similar idea before. https://www.nbc4i.com/news/local-news/little-big-shots-kid-inventor-creates-new-golf-tee/1908592312?fbclid=IwAR11f0OO9kmZXZ-B2e2ZJVSFCulKg1AP3GDhE2jsO9z0erlbdclb_YfVMkU

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