1. Smiter

    Anyone up for a Central Ohio/Northen Ohio Spring Gathering?

    @PKorf organized one helluva a good time last year where he invited any THP'er that wanted to go to his club. Which was awesome of him, gave me my first in person THP experience, and I met some great folks. My first THP round was played with @Buckeyeduffer and @Grins , two great guys. Dad was in...
  2. Smiter

    THP Socks

    Ok, this might be a weird thread in the equipment part and if belongs somewhere else, please feel free to move Mods.... A almost a year ago I bought two pairs of THP logo’d socks from I believe Evolve (please correct me if wrong). I never thought I’d ever spring close to $20.00 for a single...
  3. Smiter

    Proud Dad Moment

    Well, I went and did it. My oldest boy, Tyler, is driving now. It’s kind of a catch 22. He’s not in any sports but due to a lot of things, basically he has to have a car before he gets a job. I’m not one that believes in just giving their kid a car, but also realize that with the pending divorce...
  4. Smiter

    Burger King Pretzel Bun King-Yay or Nay?

    I’m a huge burger fan and I love pretzel buns. My favorite burger ever was at a place called Johnie Biggs. It was a 1/2 # burger (medium rare please!) on a pretzel bun. I added Cajun seasoning, a fried egg, over easy, and bacon. So naturally when I saw BK had a pretzel bun burger, I had to try...
  5. Smiter

    Shoutout to my Kiddo

    Just wanna brag up my middle son a little. His Freshman HS season is over. He didn’t advance to the state tournament, he fell apart the last two weeks of the season and posted some rediculous scores for him. Not surprisingly it coincided with my accident. Hard to golf with a ton of stress in...
  6. Smiter

    Good Lord, Life Knock it Off

    As anyone who seen my other posts here you’ll know that life has been hard on me lately. Well yesterday afternoon it damn near ended for me. I was driving home from work and I’ve always had a hard time driving into the sun. Makes me zone out some. Well I totally missed a truck in front of me...
  7. Smiter

    Freaking Life Man, Killing Me

    I hate to even post this, I’ve griped about life and it’s ugly turns for the last couple months but I just keep getting kicked in the nuts. Repeatedly and painfully. Got a phone call from my oldest about 2:30 today. I planned to play 18 for the first time this afternoon since the Bridgestone...
  8. Smiter

    When it Rains, it Pours

    In somewhat of a continuation of the “When Life Kicks You in the Nuts” thread from mid July, about 4:00 today, I received this text....... ?
  9. Smiter

    When Life Rears Back and Kicks You In The Gonads

    So last weekend, I had the golf time of my life. I left my house around 11am on Thursday, met up with my Roomie (Hoosiermess), my Pardner (djt311), and Vortex for a round at Shale Creek. We played a format likely to be seen in the upcoming THP Bridgestone Championship and ended 18 A/S. Good food...
  10. Smiter


    Just awesome. Folks here are regular folks. And awesome. Thanks once again THP!!!!
  11. Smiter

    Try two Live Update.

    We’re off
  12. Smiter

    Smiter’s THP Bridgestone Championship Contest

    Those of you that are familiar with me know that I love and supoort youth golf. Every contest I’ve ran has at least partially benefited youth golf and this will be no different. The contest: How many balls will I lose in the 2 rounds at Firestone North Tiebreaker 1. Number of balls lost...
  13. Smiter

    Smiter’s Likely Failed Attempt at Updating

    Ok, so I have a special treat the next couple days. Forum member Sean is in town and he and I are playing a couple rounds together. I’m going to attempt to update how the rounds are going, in preparation of the THP Bridgestone Championship later this week. My goals for today and tomorrow are...
  14. Smiter

    So.... 3000

    I just happened to log in to the full site and saw I have 2999 posts. This will be 3,000. Let me reflect on that a minute.... Well for one, 3k for me is like 10k for most folks. I tend to type a lot. In those 3k posts, I have learned a lot. I’ve learned a lot about golf, golfing equipment, and...
  15. Smiter

    Trees and Bunkers in Fairways, Graphite Irons Shafts, and Other Random Musings

    Ok, even with Pebble Beach being as iconic as it is, I hate when there are trees and bunkers in the middle of the FW. Or even trees guarding the green such as the tree to the right at Pebble’s 18th. To me that shouts at tricked up golf. I don’t like that personally. If you hit a good shot it...
  16. Smiter

    Memorial Day

    Forgive if a repeat and feel free to merge, a quick (real quick, went back to yesterday’s posts on this forum only) search didn’t turn anything up... Please take a minute to remember what tomorrow is really all about. I always host this holiday for the family, it’s my turn. We always proudly...
  17. Smiter

    Masters Contest, Smiter Style-For Youth Golf!

    Ok the contest is simple. First round is in the bag. Tiger was my pick and still is. So the contest will go like this.... pick the winner. Ties go to next highest pick. Beyond that, pick a 3rd. Winner picked goes to first tie-breaker, then second if needed. So an entry should look like this in...
  18. Smiter

    Stouffers French Bread Pizza Yay/Nay

    Another thread made me think of this. I’m pretty neutral on them. We may have them once a year at my house. They’re ok. I have some in my freezer but went Red Baron 4 cheese over them after our baseball game last night. I wanna hear strong opinions either way, because I just can’t seem to come...
  19. Smiter

    Ordering This Years Ball Supply

    So those that don’t know, this is the lol moment of my year. I order my customized golf balls. I’ll throw in a contest where I will send 100.00 to either you or your youth related golf charity for the first person that finds one of these (legitimately) on a course, just to make this more fun...
  20. Smiter

    What A Difference In Scoring.....

    Made it out a couple times in the mudfield quagmire that is NC Ohio right now. I’m dealing with some health things so my swing hasn’t been in the least bit pretty. I’m a story teller so I’ll eventually get to my point, if you care to read on.... So to start, I played competitively 20ish years...

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