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    The Tapatalk Random Screenshot Thread

    I’ll start Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Taylormade My Round Pro 2017

    Taylormade has a new version of the stat tracker they are beta testing - email invitations have started going out to download the new app and sign up. Just got mine, will put it into play this week. First glance the interface and stat tracker looks clean and inviting. Doesn't appear...
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    WOW - Bones and Phil No More

    Didn't see that coming Sorry - didn't see a thread on it already
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    Better Career: Donald Sutherland or Keifer Sutherland

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    Silicon Valley Satire

    I deal with these types of folks quite a bit, this made me laugh. https://medium.com/@subes01/this-is-your-life-in-silicon-valley-933091235095?_hsenc=p2ANqtz-95MYWdlpZfzlCbktwgm9bNP-ucDZrcA0a2hOlrE6ft98UWVSd4DwP1l9bnjidGL0x9m-_es6xG4caQXUtqxv6PHOHWhw&_hsmi=33026560#.kgdwkwjkv
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    Interesting People you have played golf with ....

    Played with a really cool guy today that had one of the most interesting stories to share that played out over 18 holes. He was retired LAPD SWAT Team. We shared a bond there as my departed FIL was PPD SWAT. What was beyond cool was that he was part of the team that was dispatched to OJ's house...
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    The Secret History of Tiger Woods

    Fascinating read, set aside 15-20 minutes, it's worth it. http://espn.go.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/15278522/how-tiger-woods-life-unraveled-years-father-earl-woods-death
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    RIP White Shadow

    Didn't see anything here earlier but a very good character actor, Ken Howard passed. I had the pleasure of sitting next to him at the bar in the Century City Hyatt last September and we shot the S for a few hours. Just a fun guy with some great stories and everything had an east coast angle to...
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    Bye Bye

    Happy day for this Eagles fan - Chip's misfit toys are all being traded away. Bye Bye DeMarco, Kiko and Express Lane. Please take Matthews with you and his pending IR. Howie Roseman is like a wife who was cheated on and is throwing the husbands clothes out on the front lawn. Sent from my...
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    The brilliance of Don Draper

    I'm going to miss this character.... http://holykaw.alltop.com/don-drapers-best-put-downs-infographic
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    Taylormade Customer Service

    :at-wits-end::at-wits-end::at-wits-end: So the polymer in my RSi 1 5 iron falls out about 2 weeks ago. These were on irons special ordered directly from Taylormade. I called over 2 weeks ago to get the 5 iron replaced, get my RA number and told it will be there shortly. Fast forward and 2...
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    RIP - Gene Gene The Dancing Machine

    Dating myself but you do those things as you get older http://www.philly.com/philly/entertainment/celebrities/20150318_ap_99e97940a6fc46558b0eaadc053c10f5.html
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    http://cleveland.cbslocal.com/2015/01/11/mental-health-study-men-who-post-selfie-show-psychopathic-tendencies/ And in other news hot girls are more popular then not so hot girls
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    SkyCaddie App

    Curious if anyone has downloaded and successfully used the SkyCaddie iPhone app. I've downloaded it and signed up but it constantly gets hung up after selecting the course, round, and game. There is a geo coding error that locks it up. Thanks in advance for feedback
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    Hot Crazy Matrix

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKWmFWRVLlU&feature=youtu.be Not sure if this has been posted but anyone with a good sense of humor should enjoy this technical review of the mating matrix.
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    Tom Slighter Fans?

    Any Tom Slighter fans out there? My wife had a Tacoma custom built (finish, weight, stamping) back in 2008 for my 40th B-Day. Played it religiously for 2 years then it collected dust for 3 years. It came out of hibernation around Thanksgiving, put a new SuperStroke 2.0 on it and I'm loving...
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    Give Away - U.S. Kids Tour Series 6

    All, I have a used but in good shape bag of U.S. Kids clubs as follows: Bag Driver 3-Wood 6-Iron 8-Iron Pitching Wedge Sand Wedge Putter Graphite Shafts, Tour Series 6. My junior has outgrown them and I'd like to see them end up in a good home. This is the previous version of the TS-6 to...
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    Seeking a Job - College Folks, Please Read

    For those of you who are college age and seeking your first "real" job or those who may be in the market, I implore you, please proof read your cover letters and resumes. This morning I have labored over 4 cover letters that were flat out embarrasing, one of which even used texting jargon. We...
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    Dancing Rabbit

    Anyone play either of the Dancing Rabbit courses in MS? I keep seeing references to being the "Augusta" you can play and if they are everything their cracked up to be I wouldn't mind flying down for a quick overnighter and 36. Thanks
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    Shafts for lower ball flight

    I've struggled over the the years with the high tee ball, yes there are some swing faults but 60+ hours a week and 4 hotel room nights don't lend to much time for practice. Looking for opinions from the board on shafts that have helped bring down their flight. As for my game I float between a...

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