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    Lamkin Sinkfit Deep-V?

    So I’ve been kind of hinting around for a new putter grip. What I’ve been wanting is something with a pistol kick on the top hand, a little on the larger to midsize size range and in the 70-85g weight range(lighter would be ok too as it’s fairly easy to add weight at the butt to regain the...
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    WTB: Scotty Cameron Select Fastback 2 33"

    Looking for a Scotty Fastback 2 in the stock (as in not cut down) 33" length with the 20g weights. I'm in NJ, let me know what ya got! found one, close this up
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    FS: Cobra King F8 Hybrid 22° Stock Stiff, Ping Cadence TR Heavy 34"

    2 items up for sale. Only trades would be for a Titleist SM6 or SM7 tour chrome 50F(12° bounce) or 54F(14° bounce) or Titleist 818H1 21° with tensei blue or evenflow blue stiff. PM with any questions. 1. Cobra King F8 Hybrid 22° in nardo grey with stock stiff shaft and stock Arccos grip. Like...

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