1. Scrap Iron

    #THPCallOuts Moosejaa vs Scrap Iron

    VS Friday May 5th. Beautiful Buffalo New York at Glenn Oaks https://www.glenoak.com/ Tale of The Tape Scrap Moose Old Age Older 10.7 Handicap...
  2. amsmith61

    Western New York, Albany, Syracuse, Northwest Pennsylvania & surrounding areas

    Over the last month we have had some fantastic outings - Arrowhead, Mill Creek and Conklin Players Club. Miss Kitty has moved from house to house - no innuendos suggested. Now as we enter the winter months (gulp), we need to continue to keep in contact regarding future outings, our off-season...
  3. amsmith61

    Ontario,Western New York, Northwest Pennsylvania and surrounding areas

    Thanks to our man Jimmy Sheflin "Six4three5" for getting the original WNY/NWPA thread started, but we are expanding. Welcome our THP friends from the north and other surrounding areas. This isa place to talk golf courses, talk about our rounds for the week, frustrations, talk story and even...

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