1. butchammon

    Putting grip (mine may be odd, but it works!)

    In all the years that I have played golf (i.e. mid 1980's), I have discovered that everyone is unique when it comes to putting. Everyone has their own special grip, their own special stance, their own special swing tempo, etc...etc... I have my prized, custom made, generic/component mallet...
  2. Midman03

    Help Building Putting Green

    Hi all, Currently in the process of getting everything together to build an indoor putting green. Thinking of going with a kidney-shaped green with some fringe around the border. I'm stuck deciding on the type of turf to get. Obviously, I'm looking for the the most "real" turf available to make...
  3. Deano

    Putting with a glove

    Do you take your glove off when you putt? If so, why? I know a lot of people say they have a better feel without a glove. Would you agree with this? Personally, I rarely take mine off, mainly due to being lazy - unless it's raining and then I'll try and take it off inbetween every shot...
  4. Scrap Iron

    Lag Putting - Tips and Tricks That Work For You

    Last year I tried to focus on my lag putting and getting myself in a solid position to not 3 putt. I found that if I envision a 2 foot circle around the hole and try to let the putt die into the hole I would often leave myself a makeable second putt. Anyone else have any strategy on how to get...
  5. GolfInRed

    Digital Green Reader App

    I just discovered a way to find out the break on any green with your smartphone and I wanted to share it with everyone. If you have an iphone or android this will work the best, and preferably a case that has a flat bottom. Go to the app store and download "Bubble level." (ABSOLUTELY FREE)...
  6. BrodyDog

    WTB: Seemore Putting Instruction DVD and/or Seemore Triangulator

    Interested in purchasing a Seemore putting instruction DVD and a Seemore Triangulator. http://www.seemore.com/accessories/training/pat-o-brien-on-putting-dvd.html http://www.seemore.com/accessories/training/triangulator-150.html I recently bought an mFPG in the marketplace and want to put it...
  7. JCoop

    The Dark Art - How to learn to putt

    As a relative golf noob it has taken me a couple of years but I'm beginning to see the light. Putting is very, very important. With that in mind, how would I best go about learning to putt properly? And how do I figure out whether my inherited mallet putter is right for me or if I ought to...
  8. C

    Video Analysis of Putting

    Hey Guys, I was just wondering if anyone here has ever used video analysis for your putting stroke and putting overall? Now that we are into rain-season here in the Northeast, I've had some quality time working on the putter and thought about using one of my tablets to video the putt stroke and...
  9. Scrap Iron

    Panda putting help please

    Dr. Panda here is my problem, it's my putting stroke. I find when I stand parallel to my line my take away is really far outside and when I adjust my stance to a 45* angle it doesn't really happen. It's a very natural motion to be that far outside do you think I should fight myself and stand...
  10. B

    My Putting Fix

    About 2 months ago my putting started to get a little shakey. I started pulling everything left, or, in an attempt not to do that, I would hold the putter open and end up shoving it out to the right, or, simply quit on the stroke. After trying everything I could think of with my grip and with my...
  11. njmac2413

    Pick one aid to help you with your putting this winter

    it's no secret that putting can be where we all need the most work in the offseason. I can readily admit that I have sucked at putting for about 5 years now. I'm growing tired of new grips, or new putters every season, so I thought maybe this offseason, ( and probably a good majority of early...
  12. Dr.Deuss

    Putting seems to have clicked!

    By no means have I magically gotten better at putting, but over the last week I've keyed in on something that's really working for me. As well as getting my setup better aligned and more comfortable, I've started "tracing" the ball's to the hole. For quite a while previously, I was trying to go...
  13. T-BONE82

    Ball Position when putting?

    I've having trouble with my aiming. this year i've typically been placing my ball at the instep of my front foot and i feel like it may be affecting my aim so i'm moving back to the middle of my stance to see if that helps. Any suggestions on the best ball position when putting?
  14. Lukey719

    Belly Putter or Standard Length

    I've always played a standard length putter anywhere from 32" to 35" inches. What do you guys think about Belly Putters? Do you feel that they are cheating?
  15. Snap Hook

    Saw a good putting training tip on Golf Channel

    Just got home and turned on the TV. Some British guy named Martin is on right now giving putting tips. (I say some British guy, so knowing my luck he's extremely well known) Overall I like his philosophy and I'm really intrigued by a putting training tip he suggested: He suggest going out and...
  16. Chump Fries

    Putting Hard

    Hey Andy, My current area of struggle is with my putting. The greens on my current course are very fast and I just can't seem to slow the ball down. I use a 34" Scotty Squareback, and I have a toe-up straight back and through putting style. I really have no touch. I leave 4 footers 2 feet...

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