I’m not as long off the tee as a lot of you here, but this is why the 💎💎💎 has been in my bag all year. I’m pretty damn efficient with it…and yes, I no my path wasn’t perfect there 🙄

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Carrying 276 is plenty long. If your that consistent with the TD and hitting fairways nothing else matters off the tee haha.
Carrying 276 is plenty long. If your that consistent with the TD and hitting fairways nothing else matters off the tee haha.
Oh, it’s consistent.
11/14 fairways hit in today's round. I'm not a long hitter by any stretch, but keeping the ball on short grass sure helps and takes some pressure off the rest of my game!
2 more big drives with this in my last round! It will be in play tomorrow and looking to use it more!
Looking forward to playing tomorrow. The course we are playing is a lot of driver off of the tee except for 2 holes. I have been really working on the higher hands and it feels pretty good. We will see what happens when it is in play.
Well not a bad day with the X. I had some great drives and the distance is better. I did start to start to go back to the flatter swing a few times. I need to really keep working on that hard. This is hole 1 and my ball is on the left side of the pic. I was 58 yards from the pin! Taking that swing to the course and seeing the results was cool.
The X is such a fun driver for me, it’s like cheating. I hit another off the toe (T on the face) and it was still way out there for me. Love this driver!!
Well 6 FIR today which on this course is low. Nothing way out of position and no OB. Back to the range tomorrow to get working on it. Pretty stoked the X is so forgiving it helped today.
I finally had a day today with the driver. No OB and @MagicSpell and i played in 20-40 mph wind it was wild. I had to tell myself before i even got to the course just swing smooth. My driver range session was not good at all. I thought i was going to have a long day. Hole 1 i piped it just to the right side and off in the rough but an easy shot up to the green. I had a great day all the way around the course.
Hit 4/5 fairways yesterday in windy conditions. Distance was good, especially into the wind. Was still getting it out there between 240 and 250, which is mostly carry down at the in-laws in Florida. No roll out here for me.
CPO had me tempted.

Probably do the reg.
I was thinking Std. but went and hit it against the X at Golf Galaxy. X was more accurate and a bit longer than the Std. My handicap and overall game would probably put me in the Std., but the X was just so good, and has been on course too.
I feel like I have been horribly absent in this thread in terms of commenting, which I thought was surprising considering I feel like I have been in here reading a fair amount.

Its been fun following along with everyone's experiences with Paradym over the year. My sparse exposure to the Paradym driver didn't go well, but that was 100% from a terrible swing, poor contact, and being pretty flustered in the bay.

Looking forward to seeing what sort of advancements on Paradym are in the pipeline!!
Great day on a tight course with the X today. 11 FIR with one OB. Much better ball flight today the fade was way tighter. I cut some corners and let myself some nice shots into the green!
The X in 9 degree played with a Graphite Design Tour AD HD5S
had been a revelation.
My driving had been so straight. My misses still go fast and find fairways and I am hitting bombs with this combo!

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The Paradym standard has been so much better than the Rogue Max LS for me. Flight, distance, dispersion, feel. I wish I tried it earlier. While I certainly want to hear about the redacted driver at the Grandaddy, I know I have just a great club in the bag.
CPO got me on the Black Friday deal. 30% off, I couldn’t resist. Traded in the Rogue max and Paradym is on the the way. Probably won’t get any outdoor use until March, but that’s ok with me. For $250 ($110 after trade), it was too good a deal for me to not give it a go.
Jeez it sets up so nice and square. I think I’ve undervalued that trait in a driver in the past.
Which model did you end up with?