Difficult Shaft removal


Jan 23, 2023
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Wellington New Zealand
Tried removing steel shafts from Ping eye 2 copper head irons and had to heat so much that I think they glowed, shafts went into my big brothers favorite Ping Zing irons that were damaged by his ex-wife 😂 hmmmmm
Has anyone else had a similar problem 🙀 with shaft removal 😳 we went to the driving range for him to try and he was happy and I was happy he was happy.... Plus I hit the ball well which surprised 😯 me because I've not hit a ball since April, health issues in my dotage 😂 but I was hitting Mizuno 923 Fli hi iron hybrid which I'm told makes golf easier an they do it's like cheating 😜 it's why I hit the ball well Dispersion wise but lacking in distance which I think will improve...


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Yes older pings are a nightmare due to the epoxy and hammer process they use. They set the heads with a rapid hammer to make sure they seat properly and as a result a lot of heat and pressure is required to pull. I won’t twist them off by hand anymore butt I’ll use an extractor cranked down with a good bit of heat, just be sure to wear thick gloves as the head will come off with force and extremely hot. Also be wary of which copper irons you pull as a couple contain highly harmful materials that can cause serious health concerns.
Oh yah... heat and an insane amount of head pulling pressure. They nearly explode when it releases. It scared the heck out of me the first time it did it

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I've removed shafts from 99% of brand's now and not had that effort required before so was worried I would damage the heads, but brother is not going to use them so they will sit in his shed until they hit the bin 😂. Appreciate the feedback...