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Jan 13, 2012
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Hackettstown, New Jersey, United States
I know this was mentioned in the 'official counterfeit thread' however, i wasn't pertinent (sp?) to information that this site could/would be a counterfeit company until it was too late. first, let me explain the story. i needed and still need a 910 adapter for my 3w. i went online and found one via and without research, ordered the adapter. while it may only be roughly $40 bucks including shipping, i wanted to let other's know so they don't do or attempt to do business with this website. long story short, i went through days of emails, most of which were broken english in order to get my money back and to no avail, i filed a dispute with my bank as this was my debit card and needed replacing. thanks to THP and that thread awhile back, i was able to use that as evidence along with other information i found via the net to back my case and get my money back (along with the emails).

I hope this helps someone in the future to not make the same mistake i did.
-Paul G

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