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Jan 30, 2013
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Jackson, MO
I have been playing pretty well lately, even though there are breaks of up to 3 weeks of not getting to play (stupid winter). The last few times I have played my tee shots (Driver/3W) for the most part have been great and pretty much where I wanted them. My big miss was always a quick hook off the tee or a block (which isn't as big of a miss but still a miss).

The past few times when I have been hitting the ball great all I focused on was keeping the "feel" that the club head was outside of my hands for as long as possible. Not sure what it actually looked like but the "feel" worked for me. Yesterday, I went to sneak in a few holes while the wife was busy doing other things and all of a sudden I started hitting low drives (maybe 10-20 feet off the ground but with decent distance), a few quick hooks (not so terrible they went OB but not good hits at all), and few drawing iron shots when I wasn't trying to hit a draw. It was a mixed bag of shots just like I wanted and shots that were drawing more than I would want.

After I played I started thinking back to when I read "The Plane Truth" and something that struck me at the time. When talking about someone with a one plane swing (I am more of a 1 planer) it states that if the back shoulder drops down rather than rotate down and around the quick hooks and blocks show up. I believe this is what I am doing but couldn't get video. I know this was an old habit so it may have just worked its way back into my swing a bit.

Think I should switch my swing thought from keeping the club head outside my hands to a feeling of getting my rear shoulder moving the way I want? Or do you think having one backswing and one downswing thought is ok?

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Nov 22, 2013
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Groom Lake
Bad Gas

i don't care for videos too much, unless I know and studied the guy.. But this is a good one, from a etching pro out of Vegas. Alex katzmane

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