Funny every day things you see at the course. ( and good friends)

Knot Right

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Sep 1, 2016
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A beautiful day in the Tidewater area, so I stopped at the course to see the guys over coffee and watch them tee off for the morning blitz. The course was already backed up.

The first group goes off and are in the fairway waiting for their seconds shots.

The short hitter in the second groups decides to swing away and tops his ball about 6 feet. His partner (one of our real funny members ) is sitting in the golf cart laughing at the shot and screams FORE!

One guy in the fairway drops his club and ducks into his cart with his hands covering his head, while his partner in the cart almost falls out. :oops: The third guy almost trips over himself ducking, while the 4th guy is looking for balls in the lake totally unaware.

I didn't hang around long enough to hear about the conversation that went on at the second tee, but I can imagine it was fairly colorful considering we are all old retired Sailors and Marines.;)

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