Golf craze you just don’t understand


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Jun 7, 2019
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Reno, NV
What is something in the golf world that everyone seems to be crazy about that you just don’t completely get?

For me. It’s putters. Collecting, buying super high end, customizing, etc. it baffles me that many are willing to collect so many of them.

I am all for people choosing their method of fun. So I am fine with it. But I simply just don’t understand it..

I have only own like 6 putters my whole life.

This is also not a shot at @xThor or @Jman lol.. I have thought this a long time.
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Joggers. If it’s cool enough for me to not wear shorts I don’t want my ankles exposed. Defeats the purpose of them to me.
Joggers. If it’s cool enough for me to not wear shorts I don’t want my ankles exposed. Defeats the purpose of them to me.

I am with you but I don’t think we are the target market for joggers.

I am not really a collector of things. I do have a bunch of putters but I have had all of them in the bag. I just generally don’t sell putters
Playing barefoot. Rolling up shorts or shirt sleeves for tan lines.
7 woods are awesome..
It's a harder to hit hybrid.

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I'm kinda with @Templet0n on this one.....i love golf as much as any psycho out there, but i don't understand having like 200 putters, and i know guys that have that

Like the OP i ain't hating....i just don't understand it.

MTljeff will spend baby, it's not a money thing. I just want to use the equipment i have.
Joggers. Great around the house, weird on the golf course
I'm definitely with not getting the putter thing. A couple maybe. As much as I don't understand the putter cover thing, I think I get it more than the actual putters.

I like trying new stuff so I am usually the annoying person doing things differently.
It’s not even a comparison of how much easier it is to hit a 7w vs a hybrid.

And quit dissing transfusions.

Feeling extremely attacked in here.

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expensive headcovers.

Hmmmm....what's expensive LOL?

I've paid 150$ CAD for headcovers but that is my limit. I tried to make custom Wu-Tang ones a couple of years ago and was quoted like 300$ or so and even i was like Nah at that price.
shorts and polos that are the same print.

swag. no shade on anyone who is into it. but from day 1 i’ve just been completely baffled by everything they do.

lighter club heads. it’s always been an abject disaster for me. and maybe it’s confirmation bias, but i feel like most everyone i know gets along better with heavier heads.

loudmouth golf attire. custom alignment sticks. flat bill hats. i’m sure there are more…