Google Maps - Streetview - for Golf Courses


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Sep 11, 2009
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A couple of weeks ago I saw some news on the web that Google Maps Streetview was coming to the ski-slopes. This probably had something to do with the Winter Olympics, I didn't check it out...

...but I was thinking how cool it would be if they would do it for golf courses.

I remembered this today and started searching for the feature. I found one (and didn't look any further after I did), but I hope that this feature will be extended to cover all golf-courses in the future. :alien2:

If you search "kuzumi station japan" in Google maps you will see a golf course to the east of kuzumi station. To enjoy the views, drag the little orange guy onto the course. Kuzumi Station is near Narita Airport, so that's convenient enough! :D

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