Had my swing checked today....shaft preference.

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Feb 5, 2016
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Southwest VA
Had my swing analyzed today on a simulator. After some warming up I was averaging between 93-94 mph with a Taylormade M1 driver (10.5' loft) with the Fujikura Pro 60 Stiff shaft. The pro said with that particular loft and shaft that I was launching the ball too high. All of my drives were off of the relative middle of the face with all of them going straight down the line or with a slight draw. The FP 60 shaft is advertised as a high launch trajectory. Now...
My current set up is a new Taylormade R15 with a 10.5' loft and a Kuro Kage 60 stiff flex shaft. The Kuro Kage advertises a mid kick and mid trajectory where the Fujikura advertises high. I've never had the Kuro Kage checked on the simulator. What are your thoughts on this set up that I am currently gaming.

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