Have you tweaked your adjustable club?

Have you tweaked your adjustable club?

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Jan 31, 2010
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Have you been fitted for your adjustable club? Did you (or your pro) use a launch monitor, or did you just eye it up old-school style? What settings did you find worked best?
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I have tinkered with mines, but i didnt fit it on a launch monitor...I fit it at the range one day just looking at my ball flights on the different settings...
I had a clone driver with adjustable settings. I just eyeballed that I needed the strong draw pattern. Although I wouldn't need it if I had the driver now.
Not yet, I have one adjustable and another on the way and haven't touched the one I have now.
I have an S2 driver. I played with it a little at the range just to play with it, but honestly it is still setup as neutral. The more I play it the less I like the driver however, I think it's mostly the shaft because Im having issues with a slight ballooning and shots fading off right with it. I bought it while my shoulder was hurt and I think going with the regular flex shaft as recommended by GG at the time was a mistake because I've hit several stiff shafted drivers this year and they've all gone dead straight and slightly further for me.
I just adjusted my supertri to NU (neutral upright) to try and get a little higher launch out of it.
Thanks to THP and TaylorMade I have an adjustable R11 5 wood and after I get some more testing done and written up I will be tweaking it and then writing that up.
I have the SuperTri and play with it on the L...settings.
I answered yes as Saturday I will be fitted for a R11 and it will be tweaked to my specs.
Absolutely changed it up a bit. Got fit for a stiff 63g Diamana Blueboard shaft playing to 44.5 in my R11. I got one for a good price here on the site. Also have head ASP set to open with 10g in the toe and 4g in the heel.

My R11 15.5 FW is set to 1* higher and closed w/ stiff stock Blur.
Have adjusted my R-9 Supertri twice, well, my pro that did the fitting has. When I purchased it we moved it to the L setting. This past weekend he moved the weights to help with my draw.

Edit: He also cut it down to 44 inches. I'm just over 5'6" and I just could not get used to the stock length...
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When I had my SuperTri I did adjust to find the perfect seting.
I was messing around with different setting on my R11 driver this evening. I had been playing it .5* higher with the face on open. After reading TC's fitting thread today, I decided to change things up a little. I now have it set on "lower" with the ASP closed and seem to be getting better ball flight. I was hitting the ball straight and a nice, mid trajectory shot. I wasn't on a monitor, but I think the spin probably came down. The sound also changed coming off of the club face.
I have my Nickent driver set to neutral upright. I liked my ball flight better than on reg. neutral.
I havent messed with my R9. Honestly, it works pretty well just the way it is.
I've tinkered with both my driver and 3w. Same shaft in both (Motore F1 x), but I have them both at different settings, for some reason.

Don't think I'm quite done tinkering with my driver yet. Got my 3w set to between neutral and left, and got my driver set up between neutral and right! Something isn't quite grooving with my swing between the clubs just yet!
Yes, I've tinkered on my own, but I always come back to neutral/neutral.
I've tweaked mine, but haven't had to tinker with it too much. It's performing so well I don't want to mess with it.
I've only used my supertri for about 4-5 rounds since I picked it up last fall. I've tweaked it trying to find the right combination. Right now it's back to neutral/neutral
I think a good follow up question to this would be have you adjusted it since you were originally fit for it?

I am more curious in this regard because I think that is where the big difference comes from.

you get fit for a non adjustable club and you are dont touch it.

Then you are fit to an adjustable one that you can tweak a little depending on how you are playing.

but if you are fit to an adjustable club that you never touch...what is the advantage other than the fact that you "can"