I Heart This Swing


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Oct 8, 2008
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Definitely a nice smooth swing.
It's got nothing on this though

Really powerful turn through the ball. I had always been so distracted by his pause at the top that I had never really looked closer - thanks for posting.

I could live with that swing!
His swing is poetry in motion. One of my favorite players to watch.
That's ok I guess, if you want a smooth, powerful, repeatable swing
so smoooooth
Hideki sure has an amazing swing, powerful

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How tall is he I wonder. Hes got a lot more knee bend going on there than I do. Maybe I need more knee bend.
Where's that golf genie at? I need that swing!
mpeterson, WCBM and I were talking about Hideki while we were on the course today. Fun fact on this season: he's only had 3 events where he's been positive in strokes-gained putting. Results in those 3 events: win, 6th, 7th.

Translation: if he could putt like an average pro, he'd be winning a lot more. The swing is definitely not his issue.
Talked about him this past weekend. The flatstick definitely holding him back with that swing
Such a great swing.
Mine is more like the second example, only not as smooth.
Some great action there
I am a huge fan of his swing and wish I could imitate that tempo and swing.
I be of the top 5 swings in the game. I absolutely love that little pause at the top.
The lag he creates at the top of his swing is amazing.