Jay Monaghan out as PGA Tour Commish....

Tiger's press conf today is suddenly much funnier. He really danced around the 'faith in Monahan' questions :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
"Jay monahan to replace Greg Norman as head of liv golf operations"

First order if business is to ban Phil and Brooks from the game of golf.

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If this is true, would be great for the tour.
He didn’t do himself any favors, with the players that stayed, with the players that left, with the 9/11 families he ticked off, the list goes on. I don’t see anyone too upset if he goes, and I’m sure he’ll get a nice buyout too.
Is this a reliable source?
Who is Bob “Golf” Ball and who are his sources?
What took so long.

The problem is the person replacing him could be just as bad or worse.
Good for him if it’s true. I’m sure he’ll take a nice package, and doesn’t have to deal with this mess any longer.
Well that was a waste of my time searching the internet’s. 😂
I hope it’s true but with anything PGAT I’ll believe it when I see it
Word on the street is that Greg Norman or Phil Mickelson is taking over as PGA commissioner. You heard it hear first.
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Shucks… ☮️ out!!
More click bait although I won’t be surprised along with a very large golden parachute. I also read Greg Norman is going to be the next Commissioner so that must be true, eh?
I know most are skimming the title, but this isn’t true and is just click bait
It’s 10 months too late..

Maybe 24..
This lmao.

I don't see this reported from literally ANY other sources. Don't buy it but I definitely hope it happens
It surprised. Wonder what he pocketed in the framework agreement?
You know he got millions out of this deal. Whether this is true or not he lined his pockets. The way the deal came down with no players knowledge is enough reason for him to be gone.
Congrats to the new PGA Tour commissioner, the venerable Dean "Larry" DeCrescenzo.
Does that mean he is moving to Ponte Vedra?
I think Dan Snyder is available.