Just came back from my annual golf trip...


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Apr 18, 2012
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This year my buddies and I went on our annual golf trip; we headed to Orlando again. Weather was stupid cold and raining but we still managed to get our rounds in.
We played at Metrowest (x2), World Woods (Pine Barrens & Rolling Oaks), & ChampionsGate Country Club (x2).

Going back to this thread: http://www.thehackersparadise.com/forum/showthread.php?77240-Which-format-would-you-prefer

We decided to do team play for the first round of the day and individual stroke play for the second round.

Metrowest was a warm up to the nicer courses. We didn't want to go to the nicer courses with the off season rust, but it didn't take long for us to get back into game shape. My buddy shot a PB of 86 on the first round of the trip! My other buddy put in his PB with a 90 on the second round of the day. I also put in a PB with an 82 as well (Which meant I won the individual stroke play!)

World Woods was fantastic. I really recommend it to anyone heading to Orlando/Tampa to check it out. I loved the layout on both courses and it was cool to see how both courses looked so different even though they are on the same property. Definitely going to go back next time if we head to Orlando/Tampa.

ChampionsGate Country Club was a nice course too, but the length from the whites were a bit short at 5744. Next time we might try playing from the blues or play a blended combination. There's no club house at this course yet since it's so new but course conditions were great. Wouldn't mind coming back here either.

Anyway, highlights of my trip were:
- PB of 82 at MetroWest
- 8 birdies in 6 rounds (Usually only put up 1 birdie every 4/5 rounds)
- Driving the 8th 335 yard green @ ChampionsGate and then 3 putt for par (Pretty healthy wind and the ball rolled all the way there)
- Holing out a 60 yard pitch shot for birdie to steal a hole from the other team when they thought they had a lock on the hole
- Having 3 eagle opportunities but 3 putting all of them for par

Going into this trip, I practiced every day with my SkyTrak and put in a lot of work. All the work paid off because I ended up going 3-1 in the match play & 2-0 on the individual stroke play. The only loss I took was a 3 vs 1 match play on the very last round when my buddies had enough of me. lol. I actually lasted to the 15th hole where I lost 4 & 3. I thought I was going to be done by the 10th hole!

Anyway, just posting this because I'm just so happy that all my hard work paid off!!! :banana::alien2:
Congrats on the PB. Sounds like an awesome trip.

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Way to go with the PB, birdies. Hmmm to the 3 putts
Sounds like you had a blast. Congrats on the PB.
Congrats on the PB. Sounds like you had a great time.
Congrats on the PB and happy to hear that the weather didn't hold you back.

Time to practice those eagle putts!
Sounds like a solid golf trip to me.
How was your experience at MetroWest? I thought it was just awful. It appears there was a bit of a drought, but the course was in horrendous shape. On top of that, the employees there were just terrible. Took us 5.5 hours to play because of congestion, lack of a ranger and overall incompetence.
Great to hear and congrats on the PB!

glad you hand fun, and thank you for stimulating the local economy :)

i'm glad you enjoyed metrowest. i have only played there once, and that was enough for me. i found the layout pretty boring, and the "members" were kind of annoying. i roll my eyes at uppity membership at a semi-private course...

i'm also glad you enjoyed world woods. i was under the impression that the conditions were pretty rough, with SLOW greens. nice to hear they're getting into back where it should be. it's a really pretty piece of property that honestly doesn't feel like florida. the only time i played there i was in a friendly tournament and we were required to play from the tips. length isn't a strong suit now, and it was really an issue then. so i had lots of driver/3w that got old really quick.

i haven't been out to cgcc yet. i'd heard they set it up to be on the more playable side, which sounds like fun. i've also heard it's in great shape, so i'd like to play there while it's still open to the public.

and congrats on the pb!!!