CONTEST Live Update Thread – The 2024 SkyTrak Experience


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Oct 8, 2008
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THP Experiences
Monday evening we kick off the 2024 SkyTrak Experience where two teams battle it out at beautiful Victoria National Golf Club. Playing alongside the team from SkyTrak, THPers are ready to share the entire experience with you.

The 2024 SkyTrak Experience Mystery Box

The Prize
Just because you are not at Victoria National with us does not mean you can’t win from the 2024 SkyTrak Experience. The lucky prediction winner will receive a Mystery Box of golf equipment. You do not know what is coming, but it is 100% awesome. This is one contest you will want to enter and follow along to see how you did.

The Contest
Pick which team you think will win and post it below.

Then you can follow along in this thread for the action and experience kicking off Monday evening. Entries must be in by end of Monday night. If you are an Albatross Club Member, also do not forget to hit the THP Sportsbook to wager your Albatross Coins on your prediction as well as taking part in a few of the prop bets.

Team JB
@JB (9.1)
@wadesworld (13.7)
@93civiccpe (13.3)
@cringjr (20.7)

Team Koske
@Koske (8.6)
Desmond from SkyTrak (21)
@AuzzieMatt (12.7)
@odom730 (13)

The 2024 SkyTrak Experience at Victoria National

Itinerary for the 2024 SkyTrak Experience
May 20th: Meet and Greet Private Dinner and SWAG Party
May 21st: Breakfast at Course then off for 18 Holes of Shamble at Victoria National.
May 21st: Lunch at the course and then 9 Holes of Alternate Shot
May 21st: Group Dinner and discussion around SkyTrak and Software
May 22nd: 18 Holes of Singles at Victoria National followed by lunch at the club.
Then Depart

This live thread will kick off on Monday evening and will be filled with tons of information. If you have questions you want answered directly from the source, ask them below. Remember, every participant in this event is receiving a brand new SkyTrak+ launch monitor and will be reviewing it on the THP Forum, post event in this thread.

Round 1 – Shamble 70% Handicaps
JB and @wadesworld vs Desmond and @AuzzieMatt
@Koske and @odom730 vs @93civiccpe and @cringjr

Round 2 – Alternate Shot 50% Handicaps
@JB and @93civiccpe vs Desmond and @odom730
@cringjr and @wadesworld vs @Koske and @AuzzieMatt

Round 3 – Singles 100% Handicaps
@JB vs @Koske
@cringjr vs @odom730

@wadesworld vs Desmond
@93civiccpe vs @AuzzieMatt


Do not forget to make your pick of which team wins the 2024 SkyTrak Experience and then follow along to see how it all goes down over the course of the next few days and you could win an amazing prize.

If you are an Albatross Club Member, also do not forget to hit the THP Sportsbook to wager your Albatross Coins on your prediction as well as taking part in a few of the prop bets.

For more information on any of the products SkyTrak makes, check out their website at

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Let's go guys!

Team JB gets my vote this time.

I've got internet buddies in both - but my man the Civic coupe from 93 is hard to pick against.

I'm not going to be able to follow this one live at all due to work but I'll go back through it.
Gotta go with team JB.
Even with a bum wing
Last edited:
Going Team Koske in this one.
Team Koske has my man @odom730 so my pick is Team Koske. I mean my dude has a great first name and all.
Team JB! Let’s go!
This is a close one and pretty evenly matched up. Wonder who has their travel game on. Can't wait to follow this one too!
Going with Team Koske for the win!
Team @Koske with my man @odom730 for the win! Drives will be bombed!
Team Koske takes this one.
I am a supporter of Team JB in this event.
I’ll go Team JB with the two guys I was fortunate to meet this year in @93civiccpe and @wadesworld.

Hope everyone has a stellar time!
You guys are gonna love this course! Have a blast.

Gotta go with Team @JB With my boy @93civiccpe let's go boys! :golf:
I’m going to wait to get my pick in until I breakdown the numbers and go against feel…because well my picks haven’t panned out to well so far this year.
I've seen JB play Victoria National so I'm going with Team JB all day.

Absolutely cannot wait to see pictures of Victoria National again. Have a blast fellas!
Let’s go!!! Looking forward to this one.
Love seeing carnage at Vic Nat. Does Team JB include JB?