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Oct 9, 2009
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Anyone here play the Marvel Heroes Video Game?

I am an old school gamer and used to buying a game and getting the WHOLE thing. None of this buy each little piece and before you know you it you have spent $150 for a game. Or games that you can't actually be competitive unless you spend a ton of money.

Well, Marvel Heroes is different. At first glance I thought, "Not another pay to play game." I was wrong. You start with 6 or so heroes that have absolutely zero restrictions on them. You can use every feature in the game and level just as fast as anyone else without spending a dime.

You can however pay for additional characters and all that jazz. I'm planning to buy a few characters simply for the fun factor once I have exhausted everything possible with my starter.

One thing I don't understand about games like this, is that the individual costumes cost more than the character. That makes no sense...

Anyways, I'm totally addicted and happy to be so. This weather leaves me with nothing else to do at the moment.

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