Mizuno JPX 850 Irons / Fli Hi Hybrids


Nov 20, 2013
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I didn't see a thread on the JPX 850 irons. Mods feel free to move!

I just spent about two hours getting custom fit here locally for a new set of irons and ended up with these.

I tested the Cobra F6, Callaway XR OS, Ping G, JPX 850, and compared up all of the data to my Cleveland Altitudes.

I'm most excited about my new shafts, actually. I ended up with regular flex KBS tour shafts in my new irons. I've been using the stiff shaft stock graphite shaft with my altitudes. Getting the flex right and a shaft that will give me a mid launch trajectory is going to be a huge deal for my game, at least I'm hoping!

I also ended up getting the Fli Hi hybrids integrated with my set.

I was honestly hesitant to do this when suggested, but I gave the Fli HIs a hit and was very surprised. I was getting similar results with the six iron and six hybrid, but better trajectory and a little more distance and less spin with the Fli Hi. Thus, I ended up getting a set with 3 to 6 Fli HIs and 7-GW with the JPX 850s. I have no shame in having four hybrids in my bag, no issue at all!

Needless to say, I was surprised by all of my results and that I ended up getting the Mizuno lineup that I did. I was really expecting to get either the Callaway or Ping irons that were just released.

I've never been custom fit and I am hoping for some better results on the course when it warms up! My bag is now set and my plan for 2016 is to spend all my golf dollars on lessons. I'm a golf equipment junkie, so I'll be very surprised if this actually happens, ha ha.

Would love to discuss with anyone that has a similar set up in their bag.

Pics to come!



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Oct 8, 2008
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