Official Rant of the Day

I am bored out of my mind.

Just want to line em all up...smack em.
This is the second night in a row walking the dogs that I’ve stopped at a crosswalk and hit the indicator button to start the flashing lights. This is also the second night in a row that an oncoming vehicle would have had AMPLE time to slow down and stop, and chose not to do so, sailing right through the crosswalk without even looking. Head on a swivel in these residential neighborhoods I guess 🤷.
It’s that weird time of year when I turn off the A/C and turn on the heat at night.
My sister in law was super sick yesterday and tested positive for Convid. My wife made all of us test this morning and I’m positive. Feel fine but I get to isolate in my bedroom and watch football on my laptop. Dumb.
So the explosion at the Rainbow bridge which shut the border down yesterday was a couple in their Bentley which was seen going down the street at estimated 80 - 100 mph when it went airborne and flew into a customs station at the bridge when it exploded killing both occupants. By all accounts just great people.Apparently there was a recall notice on the Bentley because the accelerator could get stuck. Hearing they actually had the work done. Just a tragedy.
So my wife and her sister decided to order Thanksgiving dinner from one of the restaurants in town rather than cooking today. We were planning to eat around 11:00, so she left here at 9:30 am to go pick up the food. I just got a call from her (at 11:05), she said there are still 25 cars in the pick-up line ahead of her, and her gas gauge says she has 4 miles until empty. If she gets out of line to go get gas, she'll be behind another 25-30 cars when she gets back, and probably take another hour or so to get the food.

I have the feeling that a rescue run with a gas can is in my very near future.
Still testing positive for convid. Sick of being cooped up in the house. Fortunately not sick but still annoying I can’t go anywhere.
I’m gonna cut it down, I hate how it looks
I give you permission. If anyone asks, just say you cleared it here first.
I said something to one of my favorite bartenders.

She looked at me with her gorgeous hazel eyes and said, “bless your heart” and I am absolutely staggering right now.