Putter grip on driver


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Apr 10, 2021
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Melbourne Australia
Has anyone ever experimented with this ? Iam thinking more the midsize grips like super stroke ,l realise they are generally parallel in thickness ( l have played cricket over many years and the bat has similar end parallel and thick , that’s what triggered my curiosity ) ,, and the only premise is that as per putting your hand grip is more relaxed , and therefore l think maybe with no evidence the swing and hinging may be more natural and free ...

Can anyone offer any insights ?
None conforming on anything but I putter I believe. But you can use it as a training tool.
None conforming on anything but I putter I believe. But you can use it as a training tool.
Thanks l thought l may have been able to try it , and unsure why it hadn’t been tried by others thanks for advise )

Thanks , all you’ve done is fertilise the thought more ) lol it’s very interesting viewing albeit small sample , and didnt know the ban reasons until previous poster advice, seems like there may be potential improvement in it ?
Some company "Natural Golf" I think, use to sell a grip that had a larger diameter with no taper. It was used for the palm grip associated with the NG swing.

That grip was usga conforming.

If still available, perhaps this grip is worth tinkering with.
Whatever makes the game more enjoyable for you go for it. The issue with the rules is I believe having the reminders (flat spots) on some of the putter grips. But if you’re not playing in tournaments it shouldn’t matter.
I'd just order a Jumbomax grip in XL and try that. It might do what you want and it's conforming.

I can say this... My Ping driver has a standard size grip and I tend to hook with it. I also have a Callaway driver. Back in 2014 I ordered an extra shaft for my 2014 Big Bertha - don't ask why - from Callaway Preowned and I'm glad I did because I'm using it in the Mavrik Max now. The grip on it is larger. I tend not to hook with it. I think it's a jumbo grip because it feels larger than even the midsize grips on my irons. I'm thinking of going jumbo grips all the way around. An LPGA pro advised this. Her hands are small and she went to midsize for arthritis.
Jumbo Max, I think, now makes a non taper (or less taper) grip. I've got their older, medium size on my driver and plan on keeping it on. It has helped calm my tendency to hook/duck hook, by neutralizing my "strong" grip.
Good luck in finding the grip you're looking for.
There are a number of grips with little or no taper and come in jumbo sizes. The GP CP2 Pro's I use have very little taper is one such example.