Shirt / Polo fabric style? Which one do you prefer? Sturdy or light?

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Mar 14, 2011
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What kind of fabric do you prefer? Thick or light?

I like shirts that are bit thicker and sturdy, those über technical super light shirts that kind of folds on every part of my torso aren't my favorite. If the fabric is so thin than I can see my chest hair under it, I'd rather skip it.

This is not a question of breathability or moisture wicking, just about feel and looks.
I prefer a little heavier but I have to consider the weather. If it's super hot I lean towards the light stuff.
Im starting to think I prefer the lighter. The last few shirts I have received that are a bit sturdy are bears during the humid days.
I do prefer the lighter stuff but not so much that it requires me to use some type of under shirt.
Sturdy in the spring/fall, light in the summer.
I like both, light in the heat and humidity of summer and heavier in the spring and fall.
I like both, light in the heat and humidity of summer and heavier in the spring and fall.

This, it all depends on the weather for me as to what I will wear
Living in S FL. I prefer the lighter fabrics
The really light stuff is nice during the humid summer days here, but for the most part I like a interlock or 60\40 blend

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I like the light ones for comfort, but I agree there is such a thing as too light/thin.
I always have an under shirt on so it really doesn't make much difference to me. If it is too light and wants to ride up all day, that is no bueno!
Living in the south I have come to only buy the thin moisture wicking type of shirts. If I wear them in the winter I wear an Under Armor type of shirt underneath have at it. It is just what I am used to now.
Coming from OZ it has to be light even in winter.
My vote is light. Comfort over looks for this tubby...especially in the heat.
Whatever the Under Armour shirts are made out of is my current favorite.

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depends on the brands and what season obviously summer is light but i can still wear the pima cotton Travis Mathew polos in the summer and they aren't bad with the heat.
Definitely light for me with the climate I play in.
I prefer the lighter ones, like Adidas ClimaCool and Nike Dri-Fit.
Light, polyester material for this Miami heat.
I like the lighter shirts.
Really prefer the lighter shirts.
I like the lighter shirts. I've also been wearing under armor shirts underneath. I have a few heatgear UA shirts to take to Florida in a few weeks, as well as some lighter polls. When not on the course, and in warm weather, I love me some Tommy Bahama short sleeve silk shirts. Very comfortable.

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Living in the south with lots of humidity, I definately prefer the lighter moisture wicking fabrics
I like the lighter shirts, but not so light they are see through or skin tight.