Stocking stuffers

Pretty much the same over here - candy, socks, hand lotion, chapstick, gift cards, etc.
usually for my wife it is butter rum lifesavers, burts bees lip balm, scratch offs, and other small things.
Usually just our favorite seasonal candy - Reese's Trees, York Patties, tiny candy canes, that sort of thing.
My wife likes her stocking more than anything else I think. I don't get it personally. I usually put make up, candy, lotto tickets, etc. in her stocking.
Nail clippers, tweezers, chocolate, Pez, scratch off lottery tickets.
Absolutely stuff stockings. We put things like candy, gum, scratch offs, gift cards, Chapstick, and other small items in there.
I usually get ignored. Seems to get lost in the shuffle so I buy some tees or gloves. Likely won’t be an issue with the kid moved out.
Our one stocking tradition is a bag of pistachios for all.
Candy and chocolates to try new things. Hot chocolates packets and little nick knacks.
Usually candy and gift card.