Taylor Made 2017 M2 Dual Feel Grip.

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Mar 28, 2011
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Monterey, CA
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Anyone know anything about these grips, ie who makes them? Are they Taylor Made in house grips? I ask, because I’ve just dropped my
M2 hybrids of at Golf Mart to be reshafted. I noticed they had a couple of these grips in with the manufacturer grips. They are my favourite grip, feel great and have a little spine down the back like the Golf pride align grips (no visible indication though). I wanna put these on my P790’s (in fact all my clubs... except I dunno if I could put TM grips on non TM clubs due to my ocd). TM are selling em at $10 a grip which is ridiculous. Anyone know who makes them and were they are readily available at a reasonable price?

Edit*** found em. Winn make them. Looks like a TM only grip which sucks.

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